Ole Originals: classic retro tees straight out of Vancouver

I first stumbled across Vancouver's Ole Originals at a Christmas craft show last year.  There are always a ton of silk-screened shirts at craft shows, but there was something special about the Ole tees.  For one thing, Ole Original tees are made of super soft, comfy cotton.  Secondly, an Ole tee has that perfect t-shirt fit: not too tight, not oversized, but perfectly figure skimming.  Plus I love Ole's totally patriotic local style, with numerous designs allowing wearers to literally wear their hometown (or home province) pride on their chests.

Named after the founder's grandfather, Ole Originals seeks to provide comfort and style, not pretension.  Each t-shirt is handmade locally and are made in limited edition runs, so you can be sure to stand out.  Buy Ole Originals in tons of places in Vancouver, or online!

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  1. aw so cute! I can picture these pair with jeans, heels and a blazer for a casual night out. I will definitely be checking these out :)



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