Stone, or something else?

When I came across sculptor's Jiyuseki's work on Killahbeez the other day, I was floored by the simple brilliance of these pieces.  Crafting the unmovable form of stone into that of liquid, cloth, bread and leather is no mean feat and surely must have taken Jiyuseki hours to carve.  It's so incredible how the artist manages to capture the textures and movement of each piece, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.  Wouldn't these make such interesting pieces to have in your home?

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  1. Simply amazing! Thanks to the first one, I'll be picking up frozen coconut bars on the way home tonight. =)

  2. these are so cute:)
    the shape and form are very interesting!
    Thanks for coming by :) i miss vancouver soo much

  3. Wow this is really neat! that popsicle looks so real...


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