#365outfit Challenge Week 33

Blouse: Banana Republic | Skirt: Winners | Purse: vintage c/o Shoppalu 
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 Cardigan: Calvin Klein | Sandals: Forever 21

Blouse: Banana Republic | Belt: Danier | Skirt: Aritzia | Flats: Nine West 

Cardigan: Macy's | Leather shorts: Bedo | Tank, flats: The Gap 

Silk kimono: Aritzia | Scarf, cuff: vintage | Capris: Winners | Flats: Nine West | Bag: Kate Spade

Purse: Kate Spade | Blouse: The Limited | Booties: Kenneth Cole Reaction 

Dress: Conversation Pieces | Cardigan: Calvin Klein

Wow I hadn't realized this somehow till now, but I haven't posted up an outfit recap in awhile!  Summer weather is infinitely easier for me to dress in as the climate here allows one to still wear pants and even light sweaters comfortably alongside shorts and sandals.  Recently I was out of town for work, thus the more formal outfits and hotel bathroom shot.  I also went on an awesome outlet shopping trip with my favourite blogger girls and am showing off many of my new items in these outfits!

This summer has been really fun and I'm sad that it will be ending soon, but I'm also excited for a new chapter opening ahead as I'm happy to let everyone know that I have a new job to look forward to! So here's to happy endings and new beginnings!

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  1. what a nice bag!! and omg yummy cinnamon buns..... i haven't had those in years :(

  2. I spy some new boots! Hope you're liking them so far.
    I'd bee interested to see a recap type post of the 365 challenge, what you've learned along the way, what are the hard parts, easy parts etc.


    1. Hehe yay for new shoes! I love them! They're super comfortable. I walked across downtown in them without any discomfort, which is a huge plus.

      That's a great idea Sarah. I'm planning one for when the project is over, outlining just those things, as well as what items I wore the most, the least and what items transcend seasons.

  3. Ohhh I'm dying over here!There's nothing I don't love here!Well done,honey!;)

  4. Loving the cropped jacket and maxi combo, but all of these looks are seriously covetable!

    Alex xo



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