Anna Dello Russo for H&M music video Fashion Shower: Hot or just wet?

Recently H&M released a new electro-pop music video featuring their latest collabo with Anna Dello Russo (watch it here).  In case you're not familiar, ADR is a HUGE fashion personality and former editrix at Vogue known for her utterly OTT street style.  The video, entitled Fashion Shower, features ADR seductively rapping her fashion rules while romping around in skin-tight spandex, thigh-highs and covered in the accessories she designed for the label.

Watching this video gave me very mixed feelings.  My fashion lover side was swooning at the excessively opulent and over-sexed vibe of the clip.  Fashion is, after all, about fantasy.  It's about grown women playing dress-up to let her feel however she wants in that moment: powerful, sweet, seductive, striking, or elegant.  Fashion can truly change how you feel about yourself (for good and bad) and is the one art form that is truly accessible to all. As an expression of this fantastical world, and ADR's personality itself, it all makes perfect sense.

It also makes one perfectly want to gag.  In this time of global recession where people can't even pay their bills, this pandering to fast fashion and the perpetuation of the "rich is best" fantasy is a bit condescending.  Can she really be that out of touch? Or does she see it as her life mission to provide inspiration through aspiration?  If so, that's not exactly a healthy attitude to encourage as so many of us go into credit debt buying a lifestyle we can't afford.  Let's be fair though, maybe I'm not giving ADR enough credit. What if it were all a subversive satire of excess in contempt of the economically stricken masses?  Wouldn't that be so clever - you might be not be rich like me dahling, but you can still wear fake gold! 

Finally, this video has me shaking my head at ADR herself.  Is it appropriate for 50 year old Russo to be cavorting and purring like an overgrown Lolita?  In her defense though, if you were 50 and had that fit (or emaciated) a body, wouldn't you want to flaunt it?  Use it while you got it, one could fiercely argue and part of me certainly agrees with that sentiment.  However, I also think that one should age gracefully and if I wouldn't wear ass cheek leather skirts now, it seems really disturbing that Russo does.  Is this who we as young women should look to for inspiration as we age? Botox your forehead ladies and cover up those neck wrinkles with chains and chains of necklaces!  In my opinion, I think if I saw ADR in person she would just look like a ridiculously aging cat lady dressed in overpriced clothes, but put her in a glossy online collage and suddenly she is an icon.

Despite all this, the biggest hypocrisy probably comes from myself.  I love/hate the video and I'll probably still buy all that cheap shit just to satisfy my own material aspirations.  So really, does knowing that I am buying into it all worse than not knowing?  It's a dilemma that I as a fashion lover continually struggle with.  How does one love fashion without succumbing to its pretentious delusion?  I really don't know.

To conclude, someone from SNL REALLY REALLY needs to parody this video.  C'mon, shower? Tips like "Fashion is always uncomfortable" and dominatrix overtones?

Wait, maybe it doesn't even need parodying.

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  1. All wet!

    People acting so ridiculous in real-life is killing the art of parody. There's no point anymore. I'm glad I read the whole post before watching the video--I decided not to watch. It sounds like the video is a tribute to her vanity.

    She looks older than 50 in that picture. Perhaps being emaciated does that to a person.

    1. haha you should watch it, then you can probably make fun of it! I don't know if I'm just over-analyzing, but it's quite ridiculous imo.

  2. Well, that was one of the weirdest videos I've seen in a while! I read your post prior to watching the video.

    I'm voting "just wet" on this one. The video is useless and a complete waste of time, whoever paid money to create this needs to give their head a shake. It doesn't even say anything except "buy my stuff" and after seeing the video it makes me not want to buy it!

    I disagree with some of the "fashion rules" she says. Stating "fashion is never comfortable" implies we should all be walking around everyday in Lady Gaga-esque outfits, not the comfortable clothes you can purchase from H&M! Learn who you're advertising for. She also states "only wear things once" which is clearly unrealistic for 99.9% of the population, and I'm betting 100% unrealistic for those of us who shop at H&M. This statement was further turned me off, as reading blogs about how girls remix their closets are some of my favourite stops on the net.

    Long story short, this video is a miss, 2 and a half minutes we will never get back. I find it more random and creepy than a fun promotional piece.

    Sorry for the long rant! Great post :)


    1. Those are excellent points! It's quite obvious that ADR has no idea the demographic she's supposed to be targeting to with those "rules". She's definitely out of touch and judging by that video, it would seem that she's just slumming it with this collection.


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