Buy: Deborah Lippman The Stripper To Go Polish Remover Finger Mitts review

The Products
If you're the type of person who HATES messy nails, then this is the product for you.  Rather than lug around cotton balls and a big ol' bottle of remover, Deborah Lippman now offers these sleek travel-sized mittens doused with polish remover.  Anal tendencies guaranteed to be relieved, yay!

The Guts
If you're familiar with paper face masks, then you'll easily see the inspiration behind this product.  Inside each packet is a single finger sized mitten soaked in remover.  Like all DL products, this contains no toluene, DBP, or added formaldehyde.

Price & Packaging
A box of 6 packets costs $12 on Nail Polish Canada, making this $2 per packet.  Not exactly good value.

One mitt is said to be enough for 10 nails. I usually wait for my polish to wear for a couple weeks before I'm forced to remove it, just because I'm lazy.  Here are my nails wearing Inglot's Vernis a Onglots after 10 days:

I have to say that I'm quite impressed with this remover. It erased all traces of polish within just under a minute with minimal rubbing.  In another test I also tried this while wearing the Deborah Lippman Do Ya Think I'm Sexy glitter polish and found it much harder to remove; this is to be expected though as glitter usually is more difficult.

In 140 characters or less
Very effective for regular polish & love the slim packaging, but too expensive for everyday use.

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