Ditch: Almay Wake-up Eyeliner and Highlighter review

The Product
Awhile back I went to an Almay Fall preview where I got a sneak peek at all the lovely new products Almay had coming for us.  One of the products I was lucky enough to take home was this neat eyeliner + highlighter combo called the Wake-up Eyeliner + Highlighter set.

The Guts
Designed to perk up those sleepy eyes on the go, this sleek double-ended pencil features a dark eyeliner pencil on one end and a stubby highlighter pen on the other.

The set comes in 3 shade duos: Black jolt/Iced gold, Coffee buzz/Iced buff and Sapphire splash/Iced diamond.  I received the last shade.  Since I don't usually wear navy liner, I was quite looking forward to trying out this accent shade.

Price & Packaging
The packaging is very small and efficient, which I like.  You could easily fit this in a clutch for touch-ups. Both applicators don't require any sharpening either, which is also very convenient.  I wish a makeup company would develop flip top applicators, so that you don't need to hold, or put down the applicator's lid, but so far that's just a pipe dream.

Price-wise, this set is very affordable at $8.99 via Ulta.

I've had great experiences with my Almay products so far, but this one I have to say, was quite terrible and I ended up throwing it out after a couple tries.  Firstly, the navy eyeliner broke right away; apparently, the pencil was actually hollow inside, making it very susceptible to any sort of pressure.  Secondly, when I tried to use the hollowed shard I was left with, I found the color pay-off to be very minimal.  I thought maybe this was due to the pencil breaking, so I took the piece that broke off and tried to swatch it, but with the same result.  Thirdly, the highlighter I didn't find to be flattering, or blendable.  The white highlighter was stark white and had this strange mix of sparkles in it resembling something I'd wear when I was 13.

In Almay's defense, maybe I chose the wrong shade duo and I got a defective product.  Certainly the reviews on Ulta are much more favourable.  I might be willing to try this product again, albeit with the Black jolt/Iced gold combo.

In 140 characters or less
Could be a defective product, but based on this try, I wouldn't recommend this at all.

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  1. Oh wow I totally would've bought this, the packaging is amazing and it looks so convenient, so thank God for your warning! Hope you're having a nice week so far love!

    Alex xo



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