End of the road?

If you've noticed a lack of posts from me the last week, it's because I've been pondering a little problem I've been having.  I've hit my limit - my google photo limit that is.  You see, this blog and my previous blog are on the same account and that account only gets 1GB of free storage.  Since I rarely use Picasa to upload photos, I can safely assume that all of that 1GB is going toward blog photos.  Hard to believe, right?!  Well, until I figure out what to do, I can't post any more images and therefore my blog posts will be rather more text filled than usual.

To resolve my uploading issues I have a few possible options:

  1. Buy storage.  Although it's only $2.50/month for the smallest storage package and arguably more worth it than my yearly $20-something fee that I pay for unlimited Flickr storage, I somehow feel like this is the least desirable option. 
  2. Migrate Just J to a new blog platform.  This has some major disadvantages, namely setting up an entirely new blog, which takes a lot of time and probable frustration.  
  3. Delete my old blog.  My old blog is where the majority of my photos come from, so deleting that should presumably free me back up for new posts.  Minimal effort, but probably maximum emotional pain.
Option 3 seems like the logical and easiest solution, but I find myself hesitating a lot.  How can I kill off something that I worked on for 3 years?  Sure, the images that I took personally I'll always have, but it's more about the post writing that I'm loathe to let go of.  I exported my blog, but the export format only seems to export the text into an XML format which doesn't leave it in a very readable state.  Also, without the accompanying images, the posts are missing its heart.  

Moving from that old blog to this one was like a fresh start, similar to getting a new haircut.  Deleting my old blog feels more like deciding to take a photo of that designer purse you saved up months for and then selling it for $5 to the next person you pass on the street.  Sure, you'll have that photo, but we know that's not the same.

I went through so much while on that blog: changing cities, travelling countries, changing jobs, careers, relationships, friends.  That blog is probably how many of you found me now.  Perhaps I'm being overly sentimental and it really is time to just rip off that bandaid.  Who knows.  I've been searching for a sign to kick me into some decision on what I want to do with blogging and writing in general.  Maybe this is it? 

I'll keep you posted readers.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your take, so leave me a comment!

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#365outfit Challenge Week 41

Sweater: H&M | Leggings: Costco | Converse: gifted | Faux leather jacket: Le Chateau | Purse: Michael Kors 

Top: Zara | Shirt: Forever 21 | Leather shorts: Bedo 

Sweater: Winners | Skirt: vintage | Cardigan: Zara

Pardon the lack of any mentally stimulating week analysis.  I just spent the day madly working on a school assignment due tonight and am feeling rather frustrated about how it turned out.  Vague instructions are maddening as is the inability of having anyone available to ask for clarification.  How were your weekends

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Which dress is best?

Readers, I'm in a bit of a pickle.  My office has announced that our Christmas party will be Mad Men themed and while part of me is jumping with glee to dress up for such a glamorous party theme, another part of me is mentally flipping through my closet exclaiming "What to wear?!"

If you're like me and have never watched the show, you may be rather mystified on what Mad Men style is.  Apparently it's all about 60s glamour, but more of the glam Old Hollywood and boy's club kind, not the hippie-dippie kind that came to dominance as the decade wore on.  After some casual research, I've concluded that Mad Men style is amazing.  It's all about A-line dresses, bright, bold patterns, kitten heels (comfortable heels!), pearls, red lipstick and hourglass figures.  I've been a life-long fan of Mad Men style and didn't even know it!  I've always had a thing for vintage fashion, but had never really incorporated many retro items into my closet, so I'm eager for this excuse to expand my closet.  

Unfortunately it can be hard to find the right style of dress in stores, so I turned to the internet where many of my vintage finds have come from.  I knew that Modcloth had to hold the answer to my prayers and I wasn't wrong.  Easily enough, I found numerous adorable 60s style finds.  Somehow, I narrowed the results down to these two:

Option 1: The Last Slow Dance Dress, $54.99
Pros: gorgeous green color, beautifully pleated A-line skirt and cute cut-outs on the chest and back.  This dress has a versatile style that could easily be layered over and worn during the day.
Cons: the cut-outs mean no necklaces to accessorize with.

Option 2: The Plein Air Painting dress, $52.99
Pros: beautiful floral print, a sleek silky material, and a figure-flattering silhouette. The skirt is narrower than option 1, making it a bit easier to wear beyond the party and it is also a bit fancier.
Cons: not retro looking enough?

I still am going to try hitting up a couple shops this week check out my other options, but if nothing local shows up, which one of these retro beauties do you think I should wear?

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#365outfit Challenge Week 40

Dress: Topshop | Brogues: American Apparel | Cardigan: The Gap | Purse: Michael Kor 

Tee: Felix Berytus | Pants: McQ by Alexander McQueen  

Cardigan: stolen from bf | Scarf: gifted, handmade by Angela | Denim: William Rast | Necklace: Front & Co.

Something fantastic happened this weekend - the clocks turned back an hour!  That meant an extra hour of much needed sleep!  It's a good thing too as I fight off the first signs of a cold.  I cannot believe it's November already and 2012 is almost over.  The end of the year is a great time to reflect and reevaluate.   Unfortunately it's also one of the busiest times of the year!  Lately I've been thinking about what defines me.  That sounds really deep, but really it's quite a simple question: when someone asks you to tell them about yourself, what do you say?  How would you describe yourself?  In the past, I definitely knew what I could say and described myself in terms of the things I enjoy and am passionate about: yoga, writing, self-professed social media addict, etc.  However, are these things still what I feel passionate about?  I suppose I feel that I've been doing the same things for awhile now and for whatever reason that kinda bothers me.  Change is in the air I think for 2013.  I just haven't decided what that means yet.

Anyone else having these thoughts?

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Needing some lunch inspiration? Try bento!

The weather lately has been pretty depressing, and with all the dark days and nights, it can just lead you towards a rapid slide into fatty, uninspired eating.  I'm definitely guilty of this already as I've been slacking off on my workout routine and opting for convenient foods, rather than healthy foods.

To get myself inspired to put more thought into my meals, I've been checking out some bento food blogs.  You may be familiar with bento boxes at Japanese restaurants with their neat compartmentalized meals, but in bento food blogs, it involves the artful presentation of food into small, transportable containers.  What's so interesting about bento is just how a little thought when piling in something as humble as leftovers, can really elevate a humble tupperware meal into something more.  Packing your lunch this way might take more time, for sure, but it also is a healthy, more economical option for lunch.

Many bentos you'll see online, and on Instagram, feature cookie-cutter vegetables and rice balls made to resemble Sanrio characters, but today I want to focus on bentos that are more realistic for the "lazy" cooks.  Here are a few inspirations I found online for simple looking bento arrangements:

Elevate a simple sandwich by taking advantage of its colorful layers of meat, cheese and veggie by slicking in half and exposing its side.  Throw in some color contrasting vegetables and you'll have a nice snack as well!

Color and texture seem to be big factors in creating great bento.  Varied colors of vegetables look great, while also providing the best variety of nutrients too!  Cutting everything into interesting shapes and angles also helps increase the visual appeal while helping to pack in more food.

Most people won't want to have to go buy special lacquer boxes with individual compartments for their bentos, but you really don't need to.  Simple arrange your food into sections and ensure contrasting colors are adjacent.  Another tip, pickled items like radishes, carrots, and pickles add a tasty crunch and fun color, as seen in the example above.

I haven't tried doing any of these myself, but they seem rather simple and just require you to remember to arrange your food items in a more thoughtful manner, rather than just slapping it all in like I know I usually do!

Are you intrigued to try bento?

All images courtesy of Adventures in Bento making

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Felix Berytus - Reppin' Vancouver style

 Awhile back, I was introduced to Vancouver t-shirt line, Felix Berytus.  Owner and designer Abdallah El Chami produces the limited run shirts and in-between his day job and studies, he tirelessly works on his line. A die-hard Vancouverite, Chami's vision for his brand is to be "the brand that represents creative wear in Vancouver, BC." It's a tall order in a crowded market, but I think Chami has a couple advantages over his competition.

For one thing, this guy's been designing since he was 19! His first run of shirts sold out and each additional line has been super popular. Secondly, his shirts are high quality and straddle the line of appealing to both men and women. Case in point, the shirt that Chami gifted to me!

This super-cute teddy bear shirt comes in a wide range of sizes. Here I'm wearing the S which fits both me and my boyfriend. On me, the shirt is about pyjama shirt length, but on him it fits just right, falling at the hips.

The cotton is comfortably soft and all Felix Berytus shirts are pretty affordable, costing you only $25-35 a pop. While I could see myself wearing this shirt occasionally and definitely as lounge-wear, I have to admit it's not really something I would normally pick out for myself.  If I were still super into my graphic tee phase, then yes I'd be all over it, but at this point in my life, I feel a little sartorially beyond it as a normal thing in my wardrobe rotation.  Mr. Artist however is a big fan, so who knows, it could grow on me and I just may steal it back!

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