#365outfit Challenge Week 40

Dress: Topshop | Brogues: American Apparel | Cardigan: The Gap | Purse: Michael Kor 

Tee: Felix Berytus | Pants: McQ by Alexander McQueen  

Cardigan: stolen from bf | Scarf: gifted, handmade by Angela | Denim: William Rast | Necklace: Front & Co.

Something fantastic happened this weekend - the clocks turned back an hour!  That meant an extra hour of much needed sleep!  It's a good thing too as I fight off the first signs of a cold.  I cannot believe it's November already and 2012 is almost over.  The end of the year is a great time to reflect and reevaluate.   Unfortunately it's also one of the busiest times of the year!  Lately I've been thinking about what defines me.  That sounds really deep, but really it's quite a simple question: when someone asks you to tell them about yourself, what do you say?  How would you describe yourself?  In the past, I definitely knew what I could say and described myself in terms of the things I enjoy and am passionate about: yoga, writing, self-professed social media addict, etc.  However, are these things still what I feel passionate about?  I suppose I feel that I've been doing the same things for awhile now and for whatever reason that kinda bothers me.  Change is in the air I think for 2013.  I just haven't decided what that means yet.

Anyone else having these thoughts?

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  1. the 1hr time change was shite; i hate "fall back". you'll know what i mean if ever you choose to have children... they will always wake up at the same time which means 1hr earlier!! so the morning of the time change, kayla woke up at 615am and the day after, 6am. her normal wake time is 7-730am so she's still adjusting.

    change is always good. many of us become complacent in what we know as familiar and secure so sometimes, change is great to spice things up. unless you're feeling like you're in a rut, sometimes the familiar and secure is a-ok. life is too chaotic and complex as it is and i think it's ok to sit back and enjoy your comforts as is. the only time to change something is if you feel you need it.

  2. Kathy said it well. If you find yourself complaining to friends about the same things over and over, it's time for a change. But if things are going well...enjoy it. :)

  3. Long time no see lady! Looooooove that first sweater...It's so cozy looking!

  4. I love all your outfits! and what you said about this being the time of the year to really reflect is so true too!

  5. I really love your Gap cardigan, it looks so cozy and cute on you! (And I want one now too)

    I'm so glad the scarf turned out to fit you perfectly :>

  6. Acknowledging that you're wanting to see change can be an exciting thing! Yes, there is nothing wrong enjoying your comfort zone, but it is interesting to explore how to shake things up.

    In terms of reflecting how to define or describe yourself, looking at your activities is important, but also thinking about what you value may help. I've asked my close friends and family how they describe me sometimes helps too - it surprised me (in a good way) what they said! Embrace the compliments, because it's the truth!

  7. I actually forgot about the one hour backwards change!!! But it was a nice surprise when I woke up...Cange is in the air, yeah...I need to lose 15 pounds before I go back to work in February!


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