End of the road?

If you've noticed a lack of posts from me the last week, it's because I've been pondering a little problem I've been having.  I've hit my limit - my google photo limit that is.  You see, this blog and my previous blog are on the same account and that account only gets 1GB of free storage.  Since I rarely use Picasa to upload photos, I can safely assume that all of that 1GB is going toward blog photos.  Hard to believe, right?!  Well, until I figure out what to do, I can't post any more images and therefore my blog posts will be rather more text filled than usual.

To resolve my uploading issues I have a few possible options:

  1. Buy storage.  Although it's only $2.50/month for the smallest storage package and arguably more worth it than my yearly $20-something fee that I pay for unlimited Flickr storage, I somehow feel like this is the least desirable option. 
  2. Migrate Just J to a new blog platform.  This has some major disadvantages, namely setting up an entirely new blog, which takes a lot of time and probable frustration.  
  3. Delete my old blog.  My old blog is where the majority of my photos come from, so deleting that should presumably free me back up for new posts.  Minimal effort, but probably maximum emotional pain.
Option 3 seems like the logical and easiest solution, but I find myself hesitating a lot.  How can I kill off something that I worked on for 3 years?  Sure, the images that I took personally I'll always have, but it's more about the post writing that I'm loathe to let go of.  I exported my blog, but the export format only seems to export the text into an XML format which doesn't leave it in a very readable state.  Also, without the accompanying images, the posts are missing its heart.  

Moving from that old blog to this one was like a fresh start, similar to getting a new haircut.  Deleting my old blog feels more like deciding to take a photo of that designer purse you saved up months for and then selling it for $5 to the next person you pass on the street.  Sure, you'll have that photo, but we know that's not the same.

I went through so much while on that blog: changing cities, travelling countries, changing jobs, careers, relationships, friends.  That blog is probably how many of you found me now.  Perhaps I'm being overly sentimental and it really is time to just rip off that bandaid.  Who knows.  I've been searching for a sign to kick me into some decision on what I want to do with blogging and writing in general.  Maybe this is it? 

I'll keep you posted readers.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your take, so leave me a comment!

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  1. how about turning your old blog into a (table) book and then deleting it off the server? that way you still have your blog (but in hard copy) and the memories that go with it but you can free up the storage that you need for this blog. that's what i plan to do eventually when i decide vodka and soda will be no more. there are printing places that do that.

  2. you could create a new gmail address and make it an author on this blog then remove your old email off it..that may make it so you have an empty picasa on the new email? I totally understand not wanting to delete the old blog...that is something you'll want to look back on in a year or two or ten!

    Yours Truly

  3. It would be sad if you deleted the old blog--I put so much of myself into the comments. lol, jk about the last part, but not about the sad part.

  4. I just ran into the same problem and went with option #1. xA

  5. Please don't delete the old blog! Option 1 looks like the easiest and hassle free. Option 2 would be nice if you had time and patience.

    I think blogging has been a great way to document your life adventures. It's just a matter of figuring out how it will best serve you as your life continues to change and evolve.

  6. I didn't realize that there is a limit to the amount of storage! This is the craziest thing I've ever heard! So sad to hear that :(
    I'm sure that whatever you decide will be the right choice.

    xoxo Alison

  7. Get yourself a Photobucket account, and just link new photos from there in your posts.

  8. aww J - this must be such a tough decision

    maybe just buy storage?

    im horrible with letting things go as well.


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