Felix Berytus - Reppin' Vancouver style

 Awhile back, I was introduced to Vancouver t-shirt line, Felix Berytus.  Owner and designer Abdallah El Chami produces the limited run shirts and in-between his day job and studies, he tirelessly works on his line. A die-hard Vancouverite, Chami's vision for his brand is to be "the brand that represents creative wear in Vancouver, BC." It's a tall order in a crowded market, but I think Chami has a couple advantages over his competition.

For one thing, this guy's been designing since he was 19! His first run of shirts sold out and each additional line has been super popular. Secondly, his shirts are high quality and straddle the line of appealing to both men and women. Case in point, the shirt that Chami gifted to me!

This super-cute teddy bear shirt comes in a wide range of sizes. Here I'm wearing the S which fits both me and my boyfriend. On me, the shirt is about pyjama shirt length, but on him it fits just right, falling at the hips.

The cotton is comfortably soft and all Felix Berytus shirts are pretty affordable, costing you only $25-35 a pop. While I could see myself wearing this shirt occasionally and definitely as lounge-wear, I have to admit it's not really something I would normally pick out for myself.  If I were still super into my graphic tee phase, then yes I'd be all over it, but at this point in my life, I feel a little sartorially beyond it as a normal thing in my wardrobe rotation.  Mr. Artist however is a big fan, so who knows, it could grow on me and I just may steal it back!

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  1. what an adorable shirt!!

  2. damn! I looked at his site and there is a Peter Pan based shirt, and now I'm totally going to have to buy it! So stinking cute!!
    Maybe if you cut your shirt to a shorter length you might like it better?

  3. Nice shirt! I think you should steal it back and feign ignorance when Mr. Artist asks about it (evil snicker)


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