Which dress is best?

Readers, I'm in a bit of a pickle.  My office has announced that our Christmas party will be Mad Men themed and while part of me is jumping with glee to dress up for such a glamorous party theme, another part of me is mentally flipping through my closet exclaiming "What to wear?!"

If you're like me and have never watched the show, you may be rather mystified on what Mad Men style is.  Apparently it's all about 60s glamour, but more of the glam Old Hollywood and boy's club kind, not the hippie-dippie kind that came to dominance as the decade wore on.  After some casual research, I've concluded that Mad Men style is amazing.  It's all about A-line dresses, bright, bold patterns, kitten heels (comfortable heels!), pearls, red lipstick and hourglass figures.  I've been a life-long fan of Mad Men style and didn't even know it!  I've always had a thing for vintage fashion, but had never really incorporated many retro items into my closet, so I'm eager for this excuse to expand my closet.  

Unfortunately it can be hard to find the right style of dress in stores, so I turned to the internet where many of my vintage finds have come from.  I knew that Modcloth had to hold the answer to my prayers and I wasn't wrong.  Easily enough, I found numerous adorable 60s style finds.  Somehow, I narrowed the results down to these two:

Option 1: The Last Slow Dance Dress, $54.99
Pros: gorgeous green color, beautifully pleated A-line skirt and cute cut-outs on the chest and back.  This dress has a versatile style that could easily be layered over and worn during the day.
Cons: the cut-outs mean no necklaces to accessorize with.

Option 2: The Plein Air Painting dress, $52.99
Pros: beautiful floral print, a sleek silky material, and a figure-flattering silhouette. The skirt is narrower than option 1, making it a bit easier to wear beyond the party and it is also a bit fancier.
Cons: not retro looking enough?

I still am going to try hitting up a couple shops this week check out my other options, but if nothing local shows up, which one of these retro beauties do you think I should wear?

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  1. i love the green color and how it's so vibrant but not sure about the chest part??

    how about this (i've always wanted to get this dress): http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/soda-fountain-dress-in-cherry

  2. I definitely love the green dress more. Much more retro and has a funkiness to it with the unique cutouts. I think you would definitely stand out more in that dress!

  3. I like the green better, but you'll be a hit in either. Does Mr. A have a preference?

  4. What a great theme! Would love to go to a party like that! No 2 is my personal favorite out of these two.

  5. I vote green! The solid colour will allow for more options in further outfit remixes :)

  6. Did you pick your dress yet? I like the colour and silhouette of #1, but I dislike the chest cutout. I actually really like #2 and feel like it will be easier for you to dress down and work into your everyday wardrobe, even though it doesn't read as 60s. (Basically I'm voting for #2)

  7. Thanks for the votes everyone! I actually had budgeted some money away from Christmas shopping for the dress, but even though #1 is the clear winner it just doesn't feel "Mad Men" enough to me... and then I bought new boots! Sooo I think I'm going to try to shop in my closet for this one.

  8. Between the 2, the green dress is better b/c the floral reads too spring. However you're right it doesn't feel Mad Men enough.

    We actually had a mad men themed party at Wasserman a few years ago! I got a vintage 60's dress from Shrimpton Couture that is A-Line, in a black heavy beaded fabric. The front was all business (although very fitted and short) and the back had a large keyhole. I think I work some kind of headband as well. Good luck with shopping!

  9. I actually like dress #2 better because it was more versatile. Although you got boots instead, I would watch for these dresses to go on sale :-)


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