Aritzia dreaming

Hallo, I'm back from the holidays! My Christmas this year was filled with lots of family time and food as always.  I was only visiting at my parent's house for a couple days, so I mostly spent it at home helping my mom cook and reading through her extensive recipe collection while eating copious amounts of shortbread.  A New Years diet is definitely on my horizon! Unfortunately, I'm not off to a good start as my days since coming back home have been spent with Mr. Artist eating way too much pasta and Japanese BBQ.  And copious amounts of shortbread.

Assuming that I manage to stay the same clothing size, I should hopefully be able to find something to purchase with the nifty Aritzia gift card I received this Christmas.  Aritzia is one of my favourite stores that I rarely purchase from, seeing as how I can never get over how their $100+ average pricing is supposed to be "affordable."  Get over yourself Aritzia.  Charging me $55 for a scrap of fabric that you call a "bra-lette," but which is made to support the boobs of an 11 year old?  Plus, your consistent "sale section" consisting of items that are *gasp* $5 off?!  However do I resist thee. 

Anyways, despite my crone-ish complaining about Aritzia, I always shamelessly drag Mr. Artist inside and love every Aritzia item I own.  Yep, I'm a shameless hypocrite, so help me figure out what I should buy with my gift card!

Lately, I've been mulling over the idea of buying pants that are not denim, nor leggings.  What can I say, I guess I'm growing up!  These Wilfred Casbah pants have that stylish sweatpant look that favour it for anything from tanks and cardys on weekends, to patterned blouses for evenings and the price isn't bad either for $54.99!  Alternately though, the T. Babaton Callum pants have a similar silhouette, but are made of a chicer silk crepe material for $80.

The second possibility is this comfy Wilfred Bistro Cardigan.  Although I already own a long heather gray boyfriend cardigan, a pink/black cardigan, a black cardigan, a grey sweater cardigan, a navy cardigan and a purple cardigan, I don't have a dark grey cardigan, so this is a perfectly legit option.  Right???

Finally, the third option I'm pondering is another blouse.  I've been obsessed with sheer and silky blouses this year as they're great work and play options that always make you look put together.  Plus, they look great under CARDIGANS (yes, I'm obsessed).  This T. Babaton Bergen blouse is made of silk georgette that has that perfect drapey fit I'm in love with and comes in a variety of colors.  I'm pondering either the black, or lake (emerald green) shades, but neither photograph very well, so I posted up this lovely creamy nude option.

Which do you think I should go for?

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  1. Hey J! I think maybe the 1st pair of pants is the best option? If they're comfy and slight weight enough you can transition into spring/summer. The blouse, talk to Karen about. She owns a few I think. The issue with them is they're dry clean only (make sure you check the pants too!) so you're $100 top is actually and additional $10-15 each time you need it cleaned!! If you can use your GC online, check it out. I got a dress that was normally 185 for 110 with the Boxing Week sale :) Hope this helps, and let me know if you need a shopping buddy!

  2. I'm with Sarah on this one. I do like the pants - I think that is your best bet - and from what you listed here, is likely one of the better deals.

  3. i love the cool blue pants!
    thanks for coming by:D
    happy new year


  4. I thought I commented before, but I love the last outfit! Get the blue pants or blush top!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Thanks everyone for your unanimous vote! I ended up getting a pair of the T. Babaton pants, although in a different model, more harem style. Very comfy!

  6. Bergen blouse and those Casbah pants, too! I've been eyeing those as well! But I see you already got something...


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