5 great snacks under 100 calories

Let's face it, dieting can be hard. While I'm not a big fan of "diets" per se, I do think changing some lifestyle habits to encourage healthy eating and portion control can be a good way to gain more energy, health and a trim waistline.  One thing I try to do is limit my snacking.  It can be hard, especially at work, to not indulge in carby, sugary, deliciousness.  Hell, you should even give in once in awhile - after all, you only life once!

Snacking itself isn't a bad thing, in proportion, and snacking done right can be even be good to help up your nutrient intake, while holding off those hunger pangs between meals.  I'm no food expert, but here are some go-to's that I always do to stave off starvation mode and keep me away from the muffin counter:

  1. Water: believe it, or not, but sometimes ingesting a big ol' cup of H2O is enough to keep you from snacking as sometimes hunger = dehydration, not starvation
  2. Triscuit crackers: crunchy, wheaty, wholesome goodness. These come in so many flavours, but my current favourite is the Rosemary and Olive Oil.  You can eat up to 5 crackers and because of the cross-grain structure, each cracker takes a while to munch through, tricking you into feeling like you're eating more.
  3. Apples: rich in antioxidants and vitamins, apples are good for you and have the added bonus of being a "filler food" meaning that it will make you feel fuller, longer
  4. Dried mangos: Lots of vitamin C and deliciously sweet, dried mangos have that chewy, sweet taste that candy lovers will enjoy, without all the useless sugars.  Be warned though, the sugar often added to these can add up, so limit yourself to 6 slices per serving
  5. Cereal and almond milk: Take 1/2 cup of cereal (I recommend banana cheerios) and 1/2 cup of almond milk and you've got a satisfying, healthy snack.  Both items here are fortified with lots of vitamins, and the sweetness of the banana paired with the creaminess of almond milk will have you hooked.
Want more snack ideas? Check out my pinterest and tell me your snacking tips in the comments!

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  1. Would be okay if I had all 5 at once??? :)

    It's kind of amazing all the good things that come from something as simple as being well hydrated.

  2. A lot of these are my favourites! I especially love having a touch of dried fruit with some nuts.

    Alexandra xo

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  3. I try to stay away from dried mango because once I start eating it, I can't stop!! I love water though.. I drink at least 6L a day or more if I'm working out intensly. It's a natural detox for your body!

  4. These are great, simple ideas for healthy snacks. I'm not a great water drinker, but when I throw in a lemon wedge or cucumber slice in my water bottle, it is more appealing to drink!

  5. This might be over 100 calories, but I've been making a yogurt parfait to bring to school - in a little jam/mason jar, fill it with a couple spoonfuls of frozen berries, a few scoops of yogurt and top it up with some quick oats/cereal/walnuts. Pretty filling! It makes for a nice second breakfast b/c I'm always starving by 10am for some reason, ha.


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