Buy: H20+ Softening Mint Foot Rub lotion review

The Product
Unfortunately for me, I inherited my mother's dry feet.  Growing up, I'd see her constantly work to bring moisture to her parched toes and heels and I vowed to be proactive with mine; thus I'm always on the hunt for awesome foot creams.  Awhile back, I was gifted some H20+ products to review and have been trying out this foot cream for the past month.

H20+ is an international beauty company who takes advantage of the healing essence of the sea, by incorporating the oceans' rich botanicals and minerals into their products.

The Guts
The Softening Mint Foot Rub contains several ingredients designed to heal, soothe and protect your feet:
  • Balm mint extract is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that soothes your skin
  • Menthol produces a cooling sensation to relax away itchy and achy feet
  • a proprietary blend of powerful oceanic ingredients like wakame (type of seaweed), sea lettuce and sea fennel provide moisture, antioxidants, and protection against aging free radicals

Price & Packaging
Each 120g tube costs around $15, which isn't a bad price at all for quality ingredients.  The tube is large enough to last you quite awhile, while still being small enough to fit into a large purse, or over-night bag.

My feet do get very dry, very quickly if I don't moisturize regularly.  I tend to get slight calluses on the tips of my toes and the ball of my feet and these were the areas I concentrated application upon.  I used this product right out of the shower when the skin is still moist enough to absorb creams easily.

A dollop just slightly bigger than a nickel was sufficient to cover both of my feet, concentrating on the heels, balls of the feet and toes.  The rest of the feet I covered with regular moisturizer.  The scent of this lotion is very light and pleasantly minty.  Upon application, my feet felt softer and the lotion absorbed quickly.

I wouldn't call this a miracle cream by far, but it does do the trick as a daily treatment.  My feet do feel slightly softer than before, which is a lot better than how it felt just using regular creams.

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Satisfactory, everyday foot cream with a lovely minty scent.

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  1. One could overlook foot care in the winter months, when our feet are covered up, and we're not showing off our pedicured toes in flip flops. Looks like this product worked for you, and I appreciate you noting that you did use this alongside a regular moisturizer in order to cover the whole foot.


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