Cutness overload: sheepdogs frolicking in a field

If I were a dog living it up in the Netherlands in spring, what would I do?

Sniff the flowers of course! Maybe if I look cute enough, someone will give me a biscuit.

Edumacating myself by reading "How to get humans to give you biscuits"


Yeah, these are the things I think about when trolling random blogs for cuteness pick-me-ups.  
Photos via My Modern Met

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  1. Thanks for the smiles! I want to be a dog in my next life--but only if I get to live with a family that kisses my behind like my family does with Bandit. :)

  2. whoaaa those are super cuteeeeeeeeee... love the second photo.

  3. Ha what cute photos - I love the last one of the giant fluff ball flying through the air - thanks for sharing!

    Kate xo


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