Pinspiration lately

Realized that I haven't done an inspirations post in forever!  I was getting a little tired of Pinterest to be honest, but when I got my Nexus 7 tablet for my birthday and installed the mobile app, my addiction became renewed!  It's even easier to pin on mobile than on web!

Here's a few items inspiring me lately...

This gold box clutch is just so simple and glam.  I've been obsessed with box clutches lately, although I do still feel they are utterly impractical.  Girls are impractical beings I suppose.

EMERALD. Got it, want it.  How does Pantone pick these so accurately?  I swear, they're a bunch of magical genies over there who are reading our minds to know just what we want, before we want it!

Argh why are a perfect pair of smoking loafers so difficult to find?!  These are just so perfectly cognac and look absolutely comfortable.

Am very much into the full on lip and muted eyes lately.  I've even been skipping eyeliner and just going with a soft smoky eye for daytime!  I wish I could do the full brows as well, but I kinda suspect they'd look a bit caterpillar-y on my face.

Finally, I cannot wait till Spring to bust out a neon pink lip.  Still have yet to find the right shade though for light olive skin tones - any recos out there?

What's been inspiring your look lately?

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  1. i love bold lips and muted eyes too. i recently bought my first red lippy... it's been years (ie. high school) since i wore red!

  2. Before I started reading, I thought the clutch was an antique cigarette case. I guess a good design can be used for many different things. :)

  3. I am on the emerald train with you! Love that this is the pantone color of the year! As for lipstick shades, I think you'll rock the neon :)

  4. I'm dying over the green! It's one of my fav colours (ever had it as my wedding colour!). I am still addicted to Pinterest too, and was just about to make a post for mine!

  5. lovely inspiration dear!!


  6. That neon pink shade in the photo is gorgeous! I love it.

  7. been trying to find dark red lipstick for the full lip mute eye look forever. : ) hope you had a great holiday.

  8. Yes please to the structured mint bag!
    & OMG that one models creepy eyelashes look like spider legs!

  9. I'm a huge huge fan of box clutches but do agree they don't much beyond cash/cards, phone and maybe a roller pen perfume and lip colour tube :) xA

  10. Hi Doll!

    This beauty and fashion post is excellent but my fave is your 2013 resolution cheesiness which I don't find cheesy at all! Love love love your perspective on our insignificance and how we need to appreciate our lives and loved ones!! Will continue to keep this in my hip pocket for the rest of the year!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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