Buy or Ditch: Cherlyn Skincare cleanser, cream and serum review

The Product
Last month I was given the opportunity to try out Vancouver skincare line, Cherlyn Skincare. Advertising itself as a 100% natural full beauty line containing no petroleum products, no artificial fragrances, and no parabens, Cherlyn Skincare claims that it contains only pure natural ingredients, without even preservatives!

Owned, operated and manufactured in Canada, the owner Cherlyn's mission through her line is to "nourish a woman's skin, body, mind, and heart... [believing] that every woman deserves to feel proud of how she looks, and remember that they are beautiful as they are, inside and out."  Intrigued, I was curious to see if the brand could live up to its lofty goal with their foaming cleanser, nightly serum and moisturizer.

The Guts
The big stars of the product line are of course all naturally derived ingredients.  The highlighted ingredients for each product are malic & tartaric acid for the cleanser, bilberry extract in the serum and willow bark for the moisturizer.  What all these ingredients equate to is basically beta and alpha hydroxy acids, which are common ingredients in anti-aging products and are used to exfoliate for smoother, more even skin.  Although BHA and AHA are known to be effective, the flip side of using them is that they increase your sun sensitivity by up to 50%, which can cause an endless cycle of sun damage, repair and sensitivity.

Price & Packaging
The cleanser is the cheapest of the three, ringing in at $38 for a 120 mL bottle.  The serum will cost you a whopping $109 for a 40mL bottle, while the cream costs $98 for 60g.  I received samples of each, so unfortunately I cannot comment on the packaging, but in my opinion, this line is way overpriced.  The price for the serum alone, is not worth it at all as I can pay almost half that for a similarly sized bottle of Kiehls serum, which I know is a proven win on my skin.  If Cherlyn Skincare is going to make any foothold in the beauty market, it will have to prove a stronger case financially against already established, and cheaper, brands.

After reading this section, you'll understand why I hate the pricing for this line so much, as I found it very drying.  Perhaps it's not meant for normal-dry skin, but if so, then it should not claim to be for all skin-types as it does online.  Here are some brief thoughts on how each product fared on my skin:

  • Cleanser: rinses clean with good foaming action and does a great job of taking off all your makeup.
  • Serum: although the bottle says to use a cotton ball for application, I found that it just soaked into my cotton ball and I had no product left to actually apply to my face! Now I just use my fingers to apply it, but I found it absorbed so fast, that it didn't feel moisturizing at all.
  • Cream: if applied liberally, the cream does seem to prevent my face from becoming totally parched and it's absorbed quite fast into the skin. There's little to no fragrance as well, which is nice.

Since every product is designed to exfoliate, I would not recommend using any additional exfoliator if you incorporate these products into your daily routine.  After 3 weeks I didn't notice any significant reduction in redness around my nose, or on my slight sun spots, so I think I'm inconclusive on the benefits it was able to provide on evening out skin tone.  I did however notice a slight reduction in oil as some days I just skipped powder entirely.

Ditch: not good for anything other than perhaps oily skin and the price point is too high for an unproven brand.

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