Could you be Aveda's next super stylist?

A good hair stylist is hard to find.  Trust me, I've been searching what seems like forever.  Wandering around various Vancouver salons, hoping to one day meet someone who's compatible, not going to make me go broke spending time with them, and who understands my needs.  Yes, a stylist is like a significant other. In  their skillful hands, one can gain freedom from a bad relationship, confidence for a new career move, or the catalyst for a year of high school that you'll call "character building" later.  The people behind those chairs work tirelessly to make you look good, so shouldn't we try to give back if we can?

Aveda Vancouver hair school is known around the world as a leader in environmentally conscious hair products and for their highly respected schools.  Many compete for spots at Aveda's schools and for the second year, they are opening their doors to us decide who is in, and who isn't, with its Born To Style contest!

If you're a budding stylist, all you have to do is make a video and make it go viral! Then all the rest of us have to do vote.

4 finalists each from Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary will then be chosen to compete in local finals, where they will compete in a runway hair-styling showdown, with 1 finalist emerging as city champion and with full free tuition to their local Aveda hair school.

Curious to learn more?

Then check out this vid below to see how it all went down last year:

And don't forget to go to Born To Style to vote on your favourite stylist!

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  1. But your hair always looks good! I was pretty upset when my barber retired unexpectedly--I'd been going to her since I was a teenager.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jordan


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