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Worse than an enabling, well-intentioned friend, the Internet is a shopaholic's worst nightmare.  That, and shopping rewards programs.  Before the Internet, one could easily follow a shopping ban simply by avoiding well-known shopping corridors, but now?  Oh no, there is no escaping the tweets by your favourite brands, the pings of newsletters and online sample sale alerts arriving in your inbox, and let's not forget, there is always the dangerously accessible allure of online shopping sites.  Case in point, I was snookered by an email this morning from Outnet.com to check out their fabulous dress sale.  60% off you say?  Well why not, I told myself.  A little window shopping never hurt anyone.

Hmm perhaps I should be amending that statement as I clicked through dress after lovely dress.  My saving grace? By the time I looked at these, most were out of my size and budget, but at the very least I can document them here as items to keep on the lookout for while supposedly avoiding said well-known shopping corridors:

Already my mind turns to summer and I'm absolutely longing for all the damp rain to end.  I like moisture, but only when it's warm!  This dress by NYC line Tucker features a perfect summer print with this silk crepe de chine dress ($148).  The bright blue of the dress is a muted version of last season's cobalt, making it a little easier on the eyes and the earthy tones of red and purple make this very match-able with your favourite worn-in gladiator sandals and wedges.

Another dress simply begging for me to purchase is this other Tucker silk dress ($498).  This dress is totally something I would wear if my office were a little more formal, or if I knew I would be doing some networking.  The trim tie-waist flatters most anyone and I think you could wear this in winter as well if paired with a smart blazer and tights.

Although sadly Christmas party season is over, it's never to early to think ahead!  This color of this dress vaguely reminds me of Anne Hathaway's recent Oscars' gown and what fascinates me about this particular Roland Mouret number ($595), is the beautiful simplicity of it.  This dress is all about the draping and the perfect balance of sweet and edgy with its chic black bow contrasted against the artful asymmetrical draping.  Stunning, but surprisingly only in the blush tone.  This dress comes in several other colors, but only in the blush does it look elegant and not cheap.

Finally, in the slightly more affordable realm, is this RED Valentino mesh-yoke taffeta dress ($460).  Every girl loves a cute LBD and you can just never have one, two, or three!  This dress is just adorable with its flirty use of mesh and polka dots paired with a slightly ruffled hemline that hints, hey, I'm classy and I'm fun!  Not to be worn if you're over 35 for sure!

What do you think of these dresses? Do any of them have you tempted?

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  1. the outnet = major guilty pleasure

    not going to lie...i check it everyday and is ALWAYS tempted. i feel like i deserve an award for not maxing out my credit card

  2. I'm seeing a lot of mesh dresses these days! I don't really care for them at the moment, but who knows I'd change my mind soon!

  3. I really like the first one and the last one :)


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