#365outfit Challenge recap: my favourite outfits

After spending just over a year taking outfit photos of myself, I realized that I had a ton of photos to go through and it was pretty tricky picking this final set.  These are what I consider my favourite outfits for every month that I did this challenge, which spanned from January 2012 to March 2013.  

It was interesting to look back at it all and reflect.  I highly recommend anyone slightly interested in fashion and self-expression to try doing a project like this because it's quite fascinating (and admittedly narcissistic) to actually see your evolution over time.  Over the span of the year and 2 months of this challenge, I can see some very consistent themes in my photos.  

In 2012 I saw my vintage freak flag fly high as I had ready access to some fabulous vintage stores thanks to my office being situated in the heart of Gastown.  I also extended my love of florals and patterns by adding in zebra prints, hounds-tooth and polka dots to my closet and then mixing them all together into a delicious stew of patterns.  Strong solid colours also were very prevalent for me throughout the year, particularly in winter where I think I purposely wore bold colours to alleviate the endless gray days of Vancouver winters. 

Despite my inclination towards colour in winter though, I realized anew with this project that I am much more of a summer person.  When it's warm and sunny out, I just feel more alive and inclined to think about my outfits.  Although one could argue that winter is more conducive to fashion due to the fact that you have to layer so much and there are so many outerwear accessories, I personally find winter to be uninspiring.  It's probably due to more my state of mind than the available fashion, as winter makes me want to curl in a ball and I express this through wearing over-sized sweaters and leggings. Everyday.  Dressing for winter required a significant effort whereas summer was quite the opposite and I would merrily throw on sandals, dresses and any one of my seemingly zillion weekend purses to run out the door.

Anyways, check out the results for yourself and let me know which, if any, are your favourites from the year!

January 2012: kicking things off with some vintage flair 

February 2012: Going va-va-voom in camel and leopard print 

March 2012: layering a sweater to make a summer piece work in winter

April 2012: I discover chambray 

May 2012: brogues and a pop of colour make everything extra special 

June 2012: more chambray and vintage! My take on the Canadian tuxedo 

July 2012: apparently July is my favourite month because I couldn't decide on just 1 photo! 

July 2012 part 2: I had to include this one because this outfit is just so me, it has to be here 

August 2012: I bought this vintage dress that nobody else liked, but it just spoke to me. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut.

September 2012: I can't remember where I was wearing this outfit too, but I feel like Mr. Artist should take me out on a date night, so I can wear this again! 

October 2012: was very uninspired and this was the best outfit of the bunch 

November 2012: my winter uniform - sweater, leggings, booties 

December 2012: of course I had to include my Clueless inspired look!

January 2013: fine dining with my blogger gals

February 2013: taking advantage of the benefits of my new healthy regime by squeezing into these high-waisted pants, which are now wearable rather than a torture device

March 2013: harking back to when I used to be obsessed with lace and anything cream and blush - aka 2011

Stay tuned for the next #365outfit challenge recap, where I tell you what are the essential closet items to get you looking fabulous and always fresh 365 days of the year.

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  1. It's funny how there really is a distinction between your summer looks (bright with lots of patterns) and your colder weather looks... I feel like I tend to wear the same stuff year round since I don't wear much colour/print so I don't think I'd see such a progression. Congrats again on finishing the project! Are you going to do it again?

    xo, alison*elle

  2. You've got some great looks there...today my favorite is the one for fine dining with pals. But might be something else tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Congrats on completion J! I think Feb and May are my favourite looks, but I'm a sucker for "neutral" animal prints :) Looking forward to the closet staples, looks like the brown oxfords should make the list!

  4. You are so awesome for completing this challenge! Really enjoyed reading this post :>
    There's something about that red cardigan +dress that I just love

  5. why didn't is see this post before?!

    like you, i'm obsessed with lace this season! i forgot i bought this really nice 3/4sleeve sweater from target that has a beautiful lace panel running from one arm, across my shoulders and down the other arm. LOVE!

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  7. great outfits

  8. awww i was there for one of these outfits!


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