Buy or Ditch: Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water review

The Product
Described as "a soothing and refreshing cleansing water that gently cleanses and tones the skin", the Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water promises to be a gentle toner that truly refreshes, cleanses and moisturizes.  This toner also claims to remove all sorts of makeup, including pesky eye makeup.

The Guts
The first ingredient in this toner is water, so they've definitely got that "cleansing water" claim down.  The second ingredient is caprylic glycerides, a fancy term for coconut oil, which forms a protective fatty acid barrier to prevent moisture loss.  After these two major components, the next ingredient is Aloe Vera juice, which according to Cosmetics Info and here, is a common ingredient in makeup removers (who knew?).  So far Marcelle is 3/3 on their claims!

Price & Packaging
A 200mL bottle of this toner will cost you around $16, which might seem steep at first, but trust me, is well worth it.  I've been using this bottle for the past 2 months everyday, once a day, and I've only used up a couple of inches!

Another reason why the price shouldn't sway you is because this product is awesome!  If you want a toner that sweeps away oil and grease, while not parching your skin with harsh alcohols, than this toner is for you.  After a long day, this toner preps my skin for my serum and moisturizer, while also washing away any residue leftover from my cleanser.  I even wipe it across my eyes to get off the last bits of mascara and it doesn't sting them one bit.

All the gushing aside though, when compared to another alcohol-free toner that I love, the Nivea Gentle Toner, which is also awesome and half the price, it can be hard to argue for the Marcelle.  If memory does serve me correctly though, the Marcelle does a much better job at removing makeup.  Since I use toners primarily to remove any excess makeup gunk from my face, or as a quick oil reducer on those extra-hot days, the fact that Marcelle does a great job at both is a big factor in why I might favour this product over the Nivea.

Love this product.  Great at refreshing your face and removing makeup residue, but if you're on a budget, there may be cheaper options available.

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  1. I love this stuff too though I recently switched over to Bioderma to see what all the hype was about... I haven't noticed a huge difference between the products so I'll probably go back to Marcelle once my bottle's done!

  2. If only I remembered to use toners. This does look refreshing though. I usually use Clinique's toner (step 2 or whatever of the Clinique system) but wouldn't mind trying a different product. Is it sold in the U.S? Never heard of this before.

    1. Unfortunately not! But you can buy Marcelle online:

    2. Cool. Also, if you get this message, you should write about how you lost weight and relate that to fashion, or how it made you become a better fashion blogger. (Something along those lines.) Not that you "should," but just as a reader suggestion. 'Cause I do think a fit, healthy body looks better in clothes, as you have showed us in previous outfits :O)

      Maybe even exercise tips?


  3. I liked this product a lot as a makeup remover but I went away one weekend and used it as both my makeup remover and cleanser as I did with my Bioderma cleansing water and man did it ever make my skin oily and broken out. I think when using it in combination with a normal cleanser as a makeup remover this does fine but other wise meh.

    1. Oh really, that sucks! I've been using just water and this product in the mornings and my skin seems to like it, but guess it depends on your skin's sensitivity and type. Thanks for your thoughts!


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