Buy or Ditch: Organix Creamy Oil Body Lotion with Morrocan Argan Oil review

The Product
Argan oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties for dry, damaged hair, but can it also be used for your skin? Organix is betting so with its Creamy Oil Body Lotion.  Known primarily for their nourishing hair products, Organix also has a line of bath and body products in lush scents like cherry blossom and coconut.

The Guts
The "seller" ingredients of this lotion are Argan oil, rice milk, bamboo, sugar cane and willow bark, which are supposed to make your skin softer and more radiant.  The actual largest components of this lotion however are the less glamourous glycerin and glyceryl stearate.  The product does also contain a healthy dose of caprylic/capric triglyceride, aka. coconut oil, which serves as a moisture-binding agent and gives the lotion its thick consistency.

Price & Packaging
A 385 mL bottle will set you back around $8, which is quite affordable.  I also like how the lotion doesn't utilize a pump system, which means you won't have to drain out that pesky last drop later when you reach the bottom of the bottle.  One con though that I've discovered with flip top dispensers is that you then have to use a Heinz glass ketchup bottle method of getting product out - namely you turn it upside-down and shake the lotion out, which is kind of annoying.

Organix claims that this lotion is quick to absorb while providing long lasting moisture and I'd have to agree. After using this product for a month, my skin definitely feels softer judging by the comments I've been getting from Mr. Artist.  The scent is also quite relaxing and not overpowering.  I just wish the bottle were bigger because I found that I would use quite a bit of product per application!  A quarter sized amount would barely be enough to cover one leg, but then again I love to slather my moisturizer on, so I tend to go through lotions quite quickly.

Definitely worth buying!  I enjoyed this lotion so much, I went out and bought 2 Organix shampoos!

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  1. Creamy oil body lotion? That is a bit misleading. I thought that it was a body oil at first haha!

  2. I tried the little small bottle of argan oil from Organix and I really liked it.

    Creamy body oil lotion sounds like something I really need for the dry winter.

  3. This is a good product my wife use this body butter, she told me that using this she feel well.


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