2013 Engagement Ring Trends from Blue Nile

I've never been one of those girls who has fantasized about their future wedding.  I didn't have a "wedding binder" like on Friends, or visions of an elaborate ceremony with fountains and multi-tiered cake; in fact, I only started thinking about weddings at all just last year!  Blame it on the biological clock I suppose, but now I'm obsessed with looking at wedding Pinterest boards and obsessing over how my floral arrangements will match my silverware and bridesmaids' dresses!

Besides wedding decor and cake decorations, I've also begun looking into engagement rings.  It's amazing the amount of details you have to figure out for rings. I feel quite sorry for men having to figure it all out and so, I think the least that we women can do is to help our men out and narrow the options down a bit.

Luckily it's a lot easier to shop for rings now that there are tons of online options, with one of the most popular being Blue Nile. Since 1999, Blue Nile has helped countless couples find the perfect engagement and wedding rings for their style and budget.  Their easy to use "build your own ring" feature allows shoppers to create the perfect custom ring and the site also contains lots of helpful guides and tips on how to shop for and evaluate rings and diamonds.

For myself, I knew that I wanted something a little more interesting than a typical solitaire, but I had no idea what sort of options were out there.  Fortunately, Blue Nile helped me out by sending me their picks for the biggest engagement ring trends for 2013, all of which left me feeling a little breathless!  This year, engagement rings seem to be all about the buddy system, with every ring on this list featuring bands of diamonds running down the sides. Halo diamonds were also very popular, while twisted bands and splashes of gold provided unique twists on traditional settings.

Check out all the picks below and let me know which is your favourite!

 Diamond halo engagement ring in 14k white gold, $6064

 Monique Lhullier Trio Cathedral engagement ring, $1900

 Monique Lhullier Twist Trellis engagement ring, $3900

Monique Lhullier Double Halo engagement ring, $3000

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  1. Of the four, I'd have to go with the last one. I'm old-fashioned,My favorite rings are the traditional single stone setting.

  2. I think the prices of the rings don't include the center diamond stone right? The price you listed is just the setting? That would be way too cheap! Otherwise, I'm going to tell my BF right away haha


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