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I am a firm believer in the power of jewelry and that the right accessories can always elevate your look.  As with your wardrobe, it's always good to have a mix of high and low items in your jewelry box.  Investing in classics that you can wear when you're young or old and to formal or casual occasions are worth the price they may deem.  Similarly, padding your collection with more affordable trendy pieces guarantees you always look fresh.

When jewelry brand Anjolee contacted me to see if I'd like to try one of their pieces, I was thrilled.  I'd read about Anjolee on other blogs and had always admired their fine craftsmanship, elegant designs and the good reviews of their service.  Based out of San Diego, Anjolee began in 1977 and boasts over 35 years of jewelry making experience among its craftspeople.  If you're in the mood for diamonds, Anjolee should be one of the places you visit as they have a massive selection of diamond bracelets, ring, pendants and earrings; plus Anjolee only buys certified ethical diamonds as a follower of the US Kimberly Act.

After carefully perusing my options, I have to admit I was a little stumped as most of the rings Anjolee was offering were rather "wedding" focused, but eventually I decided to throw caution to the wind and get myself a faux wedding band which had caught my eye.

A scant 2 weeks later and I had received my ring, the Devoted Channel Set Eternity band, in cubic zirconia of course!  Upon opening the package I was immediately impressed with the quality of the box that Anjolee had provided with the ring.  It's really those little touches that always make you remember a brand and the pretty mahogany colored ring box Anjolee gave was just so perfect, I kinda felt like I should get down on one knee and propose to myself!

Now to the ring itself.  This beautiful eternity ring has a very simple and classic design, with a single row of stones ringing the band and bordered in a channel setting.  Even with just cubic zirconium  the ring glittered, so I can only imagine what a stunner this would be with diamonds.

This ring is available in a variety of yellow and white gold, as well as platinum and can accommodate up to 1.73 ct diamonds, which would be HUGE on my teeny fingers.  For the purposes of this review, my ring was silver.

Since this ring is very reminiscent of a wedding band, I knew when I wore this out I would want to "rough it up" a bit so that it wouldn't look so formal.  I often like to layer my rings as I think it gives an edgier look and also because some of my rings have gotten too big over the years so layering helps secure them onto my fingers!  I decided to pair my new stunner with a simple silver ring that is a favourite of mine:

So pretty right? Now you too can also get yourself a fancy sparkler from Anjolee with this special discount code just for Just J readers!  Simply enter MP591 at checkout to receive 5% off!

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