Pattern obsession: Chevron

Leopard print, while still much beloved by myself, is so 2012.  This Spring, you need something fresh to get you out of your winter doldrums and what better way to do it than with a fabulous new print?  Lately, I've been finding myself especially drawn to the bold strokes of chevron.  Most often recognized from military wear, chevrons are also surprisingly fun and downright feminine when paired one after the other, similar to stripes.

As with stripes, you can play around with the color combinations and widths of chevrons to create an endless amount of variation.  What makes chevrons even more flattering than stripes though, is that their downward points actually kinda act to elongate your figure, which is perfect for curvy ladies! This slimming effect works best with thick, moderately spaced chevrons, but thin, closely spaced chevrons also look great and emulate zebra stripes - without being zebra stripes.

The only downside of chevron is that it can be surprisingly difficult to find pretty chevron items!  Obviously this is a travesty.  Many times, chevron seems to be incorporated into brightly colored tribal fabrics, which isn't quite the effect I'm promoting here, as I'm not into the Coachella look.  If you find any lovely chevron items, please share in the comments, but here are a few of my favourite chevron finds thus far:

Photo via my Pinterest, c/o The Glitter Guide

Photo via my Pinterest, c/o La Posh Style

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