SwimCo Summer Preview

Last month, I had the pleasure of escaping the dreary winter rain that enveloped Vancouver and stepped into a little oasis of the summer to come at the SwimCo Pack for Paradise fashion preview.  The evening was an intimate affair at the downtown Granville street location and was not full of too many familiar faces as there were a couple other events happening on the same night.  I have to boast though that if you went to any other fashion event that night, then you missed out because SwimCo seriously threw one of the best fashion event parties ever.  What made it feel so special was that they really put thought into the event and it wasn't just a "here's our stuff, now mingle and try not to eat the catering b/c you're a fashionista" type event.  The food was fabulous, there were free manis and hairdos being done and everyone got a very generous goodie bag to boot!  It all came together to fit the theme of getting away to a luxurious locale as guests were pampered and then treated to a live fashion show.

I have to admit, that before this I used to think SwimCo was just for moms wearing plain utilitarian one-pieces, but I'm happy to say I'm very mistaken.  SwimCo's current line boasts some very sexy bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces in all sorts of colors and patterns.  The highlight for me was the vintage style black polka-dot one-piece, but alas, I basically own it already except in red!

Besides swimsuits, SwimCo also offers some very versatile cover-ups, including their fabulous convertible dress, which can be worn in what seemed like countless variations!

All photos by me

Which SwimCo look is your favourite?

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  1. "here's our stuff, now mingle and try not to eat the catering b/c you're a fashionista" I LOLed <3

    The convertible dress was one of my favourites--perfect for lazy summer days!

  2. haha yea i dont think that fringe top bikini is something my mom would wear ;) that one has to be my favorite because it has that boho feel to it, and I really like that last summer dress. the print is so fun!

    xo Marlen
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  3. I like that there are more options for tankinis. And the brunette model reminded me of Mary Zilba from Real Housewives.


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