Buy or Ditch: Bio-Oil review

The Product
I believe I've blogged about Bio-oil years ago on my old blog which is no longer online, so I feel justified in posting again about this product.  Bio-oil is a skincare product designed to minimize and eliminate stretch marks and scars.  It also claims to even out skin tone and to be used as a deep moisturizing treatment for super dry or aging skin.  For today's post I'll only be commenting on its scar healing abilities.

The Guts
Bio-oil contains a plethora of botanical oils and vitamins.  Each of these taken alone are not uncommon in many moisturizing products, but I guess what Bio-oil is trying to sell us is that all of them combined together and with the addition of their proprietary PurCellin oil, will work better than other products out there.

Key ingredients include:

  • vitamin E (a classic scar reducer) and A
  • Calendula, lavender, rosemary, sunflower and chamomile oils
  • mineral oil

Price & Packaging
This product is very well priced at $15 for a 60 mL bottle. I've had mine for literally forever and have barely scratched the surface, but I imagine after prolonged daily use and depending on how much you are applying, you could eventually work your way through this.  Since I've only used this product on scars, I haven't had to use much.

The packaging is as you can see, a straightforward bottle with a hole in the top.  Simply turn it over and product will come out, which is also the annoying thing about this bottle.  I think this product could really use a better dispenser like an eye dropper system.  Oils are very, well, oily and if you're not careful, you will spill this one all over your hands. Proceed with caution!

I've read a lot of reviews about this product, some good, some bad and I think you have to understand one key fact if you're going to use this product.  Bio-oil is a preventative product.  It will not heal old scars.  I've tried using this oil on my old stretch marks and scars to little effect, but I've had an entirely different experience when I've used this on new scars.

Case in point: last week and a half ago, I burned myself quite badly on the forearm with some cooking oil.  I'll spare you the details of what it looked like (just google "2nd degree burn blisters" if you're a sadist), but my arm had 3 flesh-toned bubbles rising out of itself.  Yes.  Apparently, these bubbles were filled with "healing fluids" to blanket the newly formed skin inside.  All I could do was wait it out and after a few days, they miraculously subsided as my body absorbed itself back into itself, leaving dark scarred patches.

Since the first day my bubbles appeared, I decided to apply Bio-oil 3 times a day, everyday.  I was quite religious about it and applied a penny-sized amount to each scar.  To apply the oil, you should use clean fingers and a gentle massaging motion until the oil is mostly absorbed.  If you take the time to do this, then the rest of the oil will absorb quite readily and you won't have to worry about the oil stains some reviewers have claimed to have.  I sleep with a white duvet and have had no stains at all.

A week later of this regime and I'm pleased to say that my scars now look like this:

Pretty amazing right!

The Verdict
Cheap and effective - if you use it properly - this healing oil will work wonders!

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  1. lol. I just burned myself too, at about the same spot. Wish I had Bio-Oil for healing. Burning hurts like a b*tch, and looks worse. (lol) I have never seen this before - maybe because it (again) isn't sold in the U.S :O(

  2. Wow, it really does work wonders on new scars! Have you ever used it on your face? Does it work well?

    1. I haven't used it on my face before, but my friend did on some redness around her nose and cheeks and she said that within a week it was gone!


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