Getting my banjo on with Mumford & Sons

Although I would never call myself a music nerd, I have to confess that there's just something about music that really really captures my heart, in yes, a completely cheesy way.   I tend to go through phases of brief madness where I will listen to a single band, album, or even song repeatedly until like a bad fever, it subsides and I am free again.

The latest object of my obsession? UK band, Mumford & Sons, a quartet of folksy Englishman fond of waistcoats and I imagine, expensive whiskies.  Mumford & Sons is a mix of bluegrass, folk and catchy pop hooks blended with alt-rock influences.  And best part of all? The excessive use of banjo.

For whatever reason this twangy, hillbilly instrument instantly transports me into a sepia-hued vista of nostalgia and is the clincher for why I've fallen in love with this band. Maybe it's because the combination of gritty vocals, earnest lyrics and soaring banjo makes every Mumford & Sons song remind me of long summer grass,  pine trees and hazy twilight evenings spent stumbling in the semi-darkness with friends, or whatever boy I was with at the moment.  Maybe it's because music like this reminds me of growing up in a small(ish) town where days spanned centuries, beer was cheap and tasted like ass, but conversations were meandering and filled with talk of being anywhere but here.

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  1. I love banjos being incorporated into music.

    I will wait, I will wait for you!!!

    Love it!

  2. i think i must be the only person who doesn't like them. my local radio staion is giving away tickets to see them in concert and everyone is trying to call in. i also don't like the lumineers either but everyone loves them. maybe i'm the weird one?

  3. They have a pretty cool sound though I'm not sure if it's my kind of music. I would go to see if Carey Mulligan was at one of the concerts!

    p.s. Congrats on the upcoming cohabitation!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. it sound nice.. love the music.


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