Must have: Mel x Forever 21 Jelly Sandals

Last week while reading one of my favourite blogs, I spotted the extremely cute new jelly sandal collection at Forever 21! In a collaboration with Brazilian sandal brand Mel, this capsule collection of 5 offers shoppers a rainbow of fun, jelly goodness and of course all at Forever 21's awesome price point.  If you never wore jellies as a kid (shockingly), don't be worried about whether these will be comfortable and unscented.  Jellies are not Crocs.  According to commenters, Mel jellies are super comfortable and very breathable so your feet won't sweat, even after a day of walking!  Plus, they are 100% recyclable so if they do make your feet stink, you can just chuck them guilt-free!

Check out all the jelly fabulousness online and here are my favourites below:

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  1. JELLYS! i used to have a red pair. they made your feet stink back in the day... i wonder if it's the same these days?

  2. Ahhh! These are soo cute! I hope you get a pair for yourself :)

  3. What a fun idea! I really like the white/see through ones :)


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