Summer 2013 essentials

The perfect capsule wardrobe for the summer of 2013: a cropped sweater paired with denim cut-offs or over dresses, a beautiful chiffon dress for dates and weddings, a fun printed blazer for work and play, anything-but-boring metallic flats and a wear everywhere relaxed fit tee. 

This summer I'm feeling strong colors and splashy prints and textures.  It's all about mixing and experimenting this year, so take a girly dress and throw a leather jacket over it, or mix up prints and colors with abandon.  Just remember to anchor yourself with some versatile basics for those days when you just want to throw on a tee and flip-flops before heading to the surf.

  1. TopShop Petite Textured Grunge Jumper, $47
  2. TopShop Chiffon Bodice Skater dress, $187
  3. Zara Printed Cropped Blazer, $119
  4. Zara Metallic Ballerina, $99.90
  5. Conversation Pieces Kicking Around Shabby Tee #2,

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  1. oh, i LOVE that dress! so flowy and perfect for summer

  2. cute cropped sweater!! and totally agree, everyone needs a great tee!!

  3. Dad alert: Nothing with "cropped" in the name is good! :D

  4. I agree, I'm in love with that dress! I have a few weddings this summer that would be prefect for to. Look I'm rationalizing with myself to buy that dress. Lol.


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