Buy or Ditch: Flawless Face Palette by Eve Pearl review

The Product
If you're looking for that HG all-in-one skin makeup product, then the Flawless Face Palette by Eve Pearl may be for you. Eve Pearl is a high-end cosmetics line created by celebrity makeup artist, Eve Pearl. After years of doing makeup on the who's who of Hollywood and winning several awards herself for her craft, Pearl decided to try her hand at creating makeup.

Despite only coming in 4 different varieties, this compact claims to fit all skin tones. Each palette contains 2 foundations, a mattifier, a highlighter, 2 concealers and a blush.  For myself, I am using the Light palette pictured above.

The Guts
Each product is based upon a bees wax base and the highlighter also contains a healthy amount of moisturizing coconut oil. The website description also claims that this palette contains a unique mix of vitamins, pep-tides and anti-oxidants, but without googling every ingredient in the extensive ingredient list, I cannot confirm that claim.

Price & Packaging
Designed to fit into your purse for daily touch-ups, the palette is sleek and compact. There's a built-in mirror, but sadly no brush.  The lack of a brush though might be due to Pearl's recommendation when I saw her last year during a live demonstration, to use your fingers as an applicator.

As well, this product isn't exactly budget-friendly, ringing in at a whopping $98! Definitely a bit steep, but it's kinda justifiable since you are getting multiple products for that price and if you're going to invest in any sort of makeup, then good skin products are usually worth the price. That being said though, I'm still not sure this is worth almost $100.

I have to say that I was a little skeptical about this product. How could it be that much better than my favourite Mary Kay Full Coverage foundation? Well, I am wrong. This palette is really good! I've only used liquid foundation before, so I found this cream based foundation to be quite different as it left my face with the same sticky texture as when I apply a thick moisturizer; luckily, this effect goes away fairly quickly.

After trying out each shade on its own, I now primarily use the lighter foundation and eye concealer shade to conceal and even out my skin. The darker tones still blend in well, but I think they will be more useful for summer when my skin becomes more tan. If you like a bit of color on your face though, then the darker shade would be a perfect fit for just that hint of a glow. Either shade literally melts into your skin and lasted throughout the day without any touch-up. Plus you hardly need to use any product to cover your skin. I literally just tap my cream foundation brush into the palette and I have enough product to cover a cheek!

The cream blush gives my cheeks a rosy, natural glow that spreads evenly and easily across my face. Compared to my cream stick Nars Orgasm, I found this blush to apply better with more pigmentation for less product. Again, just a quick dab with a finger or your brush is enough to cover the apples of your cheeks.

Out of the palette, I found the mattifier and the highlighter to be the least effective.  The highlighter requires you to use relatively more product than the others and is a bit too frosty for my skin tone. The mattifier I found didn't work at all for me, even with liberal application. Despite these disappointments though, I've found that this palette has quickly become an essential in my daily routine and on weekends, my entire look can be done with just this palette and some mascara alone.

Too long; didn't read
5/7 products in this palette were awesome, with excellent coverage, pigmentation and staying power, however the disappointing results with the mattifier and highlighter prevent me from truly saying this palette is worth the $98.

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  1. Nice! I've alway been a little scared to use this kind of thing though, not being an expert at using makeup haha!
    If you want to find more products that could work for your skin type, give you the right coverage, and the finish you're looking for, check out It evens help you find the right shade for you! Pretty amazing :).

    Hope you like it !

    Xx Lucy


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