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Despite coming from our own separate living spaces, Mr. Artist and I find ourselves still searching for new furniture items for our new home. One of the rooms that needed the most TLC was our living room, which currently contains a TV (with stand), one bookshelf, a couch, an armchair, a dog bed and an end table; not too shabby altogether, but there are still a few little odds and ends missing like some extra lighting, a coffee table and some unique decor pieces. As our home was built in the 50s, the room contains gorgeous hardwood floors, a vaulted ceiling and zero overhead lighting, so we've made do so far with 2 of my floor lamps.  Neither of my floor lamps match, nor do they cast enough light or interest to fully illuminate the space.  The mismatching I don't mind, but more light is something I'm thinking will be necessary in the dark winter months.

Seeking some lighting inspiration, I turned to online lighting home decor retailer, Euro Style Lighting. This site is sure to get your Pinterest fingers itching as it's filled with tons of gorgeous lamps, chairs, knick-knacks and more, with price ranges to fit any budget.  As a new homeowner, I'm continuously shocked by how much home furnishings can cost and so I am always on the hunt to find the best deal for quality and looks. One hard thing about being new to purchasing home furnishings, is that it's hard to gauge what your expectations should be for any given item; for instance, is $1000 too much or too little for a couch?  Lucky (or unlucky) for me, I found 3 items at 3 different price ranges on Euro Style Lighting - which do you think is the best?


Simple and functional, this 3 headed lamp does the job and nothing more, but at least you won't have to worry about it ever going out of style. Also, with its adjustable heads, this lamp could be useful for a blogger sorely lacking in spotlights for outfit or product photos!

Still Doable

In the medium price range is this linen bulb shaped floor lamp. Again, the modern silhouette and clear glass body allows this lamp to seamlessly fit any interior style.  What makes this lamp worth looking at though, is that you have the option to fill the glass base with items, so that this humble lamp becomes a centerpiece instead of a background filler.  Shells, glass balls, sand, glass figurines - the ideas are endless and you could change this lamp with the seasons and continually refresh your room's look.

Out of my league

Finally, there is this unique antique brass floor lamp from Holtkoetter. Fully adjustable lamp heads and built-in dimmers create the ultimate in flexibility. The luxurious brass finish is warm and inviting, but you'd have to make sure that your room palette is similarly warm to match.  Something about the shape of the lamp heads and the bulbous joints contrasted with the tall, straight neck, reminds me of a steam punk influence, but at just over a grand to buy, I think I'll be leaving this antique on the shelf.

Which of these lamps would you pick?

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  1. Wow .. a thousand bucks for a lamp ... that's RIDICULOUS~ I would go with lamp #2 .. it's interesting looking and not too different in price when compared to #1. Plus .. #1 is boring! =D Have fun lamp shopping!


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