Buy or Ditch: Avene Ystheal Eye Contour Cream review

The Product
Always on the hunt for an HG eye cream, I was excited to try this one by Avene after hearing about how great the French brand was. This particular cream, called the Avene Ystheal+ Eye Contour cream is designed to be fragrance-free, comedegenic and contains a mix of Retinaldeyde C.T and Pre-tocopheryl to fight signs of aging.

The Guts
Here are the top ingredients in this cream (excluding water, which is listed as the first ingredient):

  • Mineral oil - this ingredient is said to be one of the most effective moisturizers for all skin types, including sensitive skin, however because it is derived from petroleum, there's a significant amount of controversy around its potential adverse effects. 
  • Butylene glycol - a hypo-allergenic moisturizer
  • Polysorbate 40 - another humectant that helps capture moisture from the air and retain it in your skin
The star ingredients in this product are:
  • Retinal - proven anti-aging ingredient
  • Pre-tocopheryl - similar to vitamin E, this ingredient is an antioxidant that fights aging free radicals

Price & Packaging
At $34 for a 15 mL bottle, I would say this is a generous size for a generous price. $34 is not much in my opinion to pay for a quality product and in the eye cream market, it's quite economical.

The simple pump dispenser is efficient and clean. I also like how you can control how much product comes out, depending on how much you push the pump.

I've been using this cream for at least a couple months now, once a day and I'm quite pleased with the results. Most eye creams I've used have had little to no effect on the fine lines and dark circles under my eyes, but this Avene cream has brightened my eye circles to the point where even after a restless sleep, I can still passably forgo concealer (if I'm feeling very lazy)! Truly a remarkable result! As for eliminating my fine lines, I think it's actually done that as well! I no longer notice by the end of the day that I have slight smile lines under my eyes.  My under-eye skin is soft and plump.

The texture of this product is very gel-like and almost watery. There's no fragrance either, which I greatly appreciate.

Online reviews stated that many people experienced milia and flaky skin after using this product, likely due to the retinal. I'd suggest testing this product out first with a sample if you can before fully purchasing in case you are one of those sensitive to retinol products.


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