Buy or Ditch: Inglot Gel Eyeliner review

The Product
Intense pigmentation, creamy texture and a long-lasting finish, the Inglot gel eyeliner sounds like a makeup lover's wet dream. It's also supposedly smudge and crease proof. The line is available in 20 different shades ranging from basic jet black to striking blues, greens and even red!

Price & Packaging
A standard 5.5 g jar will cost you around $20, which may seem pretty expensive, but actually isn't too bad since my favourite Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner will set you back $27 at Sephora. In terms of packaging, there's nothing too innovative here, just a straightforward screw top jar.

Inglot gel eyeliners are extremely popular with tons of reviewers raving about its lush color payback and all day wearability, so I was quite looking forward to this product. I'm a huge eyeliner fan and had been looking for a good gel eyeliner to try for that perfect thick cat-eye look; however I'm sad to say that I am quite disappointed.

The pigmentation on this liner is quite good, but I found you have to really dig your brush into the pot to get the desired level of color. On the plus side, it did last all day and dried quickly once applied.

The thing that turned me against this eyeliner though is that it felt absolutely bone-dry on my brush. When applying to my eye, little flakes would fall into my eyes which is quite irritating as I wear contacts. Also, since the liner was so dry, the brush felt scratchy on my eyelid and made it difficult to control the brush for that proper flick of your liner at the outer corners. I hated this eyeliner so much that after a few weeks, I threw it out.


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  1. i have the inglot liquid gel liner and it's awesome! did you have to mix this with water?


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