Fun one-piece swimsuits for all c/o ModCloth!

If it's the middle of summer and you're a procrastinator like me, then you'll probably be hunting the racks for a new swimsuit. There are tons of bikini options out there in almost every mall out there, but good one-piece options? Unless you are looking to be traumatized in the change room of your local pool when you and 70 year old Mrs. Schmidt step out in the same blue floral number, then you had better get creative when shopping for a new suit.

Thank god for ModCloth.  The definitive choice for cute vintage duds, ModCloth also has a pretty killer swimsuit section. If you're forgoing bikinis like I am, then going vintage is your best bet for pulling off the one-piece look.  

When looking for a good one-piece swimsuit, the key is to
  1. embrace those curves that your mama gave you!
  2. seek out fun colors and patterns to make you stand out
Here are 3 options I found that will ensure you'll be able to look gorgeously sexy and play water polo with the boys, while all the string bikini girls lie on the shore, desperately sucking in their guts:

What could be more fabulously vintage than a name like Esther? Nothing, except maybe the sexy sweetheart halter neckline of this swimsuit! Of course I had to pick this one since it features my favourite color of the moment: emerald. Don't forget to click-thru either to see the incredible look book styling ModCloth did on this suit - who knew a swimsuit, jewels and heels could look so good?!

Polka-dots are having a moment right now and I AM LOVING IT. Seriously, I want to buy all of Esther's suits, they are just too cute for words.

Finally, if you're not a fan of the vintage thing, then perhaps this number will tickle your fancy. This pinky-red suit flatters most skin tones and the ruffled trim adds that youthful touch of girlish whimsy. I like the style of the neckline here as well and how those delicate straps will highlight your neck and shoulders. I'm not sure how good this suit would look on bustier gals, but maybe someone more endowed than I might be able to comment?

Which of these suits is your favourite?

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  1. i like the red one! i recently bought 2 dresses from modcloth and i love them :) damn, that reminds me... forgot to post about them :s


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