Lust of the Week: Diane von Furstenberg Liberty Leather Pants

Shit shit shit. I want these leather pants so bad!! I've always wanted a pair of leather pants, although I was briefly put off them for a few years by the Ross' leather pants episode of Friends. Now my obsession is revived thanks to these Diane von Furstenberg Liberty leather pants.  Since leather is so expensive, I've only owned faux leather leggings and while I could just opt for another pair of those, a true pair of leather pants seems more versatile to me. For one thing, leggings are something you can only wear with tops long enough to cover your butt and you can't tuck anything into leggings.  With pants, your options are totally open, even when they are skin-tight skinnies like these. I love how the seams give these pants a denim feel and the slight slouch at the ankles also furthers that vibe.  Too bad they are a cool $1090.91.  Maybe Santa will decide I've been really really good this year?

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  1. so pretty! but every time i see or hear about leather pants, i think of the Friends episode where Ross wore them and they shrunk when he was on a date and he couldn't get them on again!

  2. GET THEM GET THEM!! You'll look so awesome in them and I think they're a staple item =)

    Are they lined? It would be much much easier to put them on and take them off if they were lined in satin or polyester or something.


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