Lust of the Week: Stella McCartney Amanda dress

Some of you may remember this series if you followed me at my old blog and I've decided to bring it back because, well sometimes you just want to write "I WANTZ THIS, IT PRETTY" posts and not feel obligated to make an "article" about it.  Lust of the weeks may be couture or cheap, classic or super trendy, but they will always make your hands twitch for your credit card. I hope you enjoy this series and send me your LOTW too!

To kick this off, I'm featuring this gorgeous forest green silk dress by Stella McCartney, on sale for $323.75 via the Outnet. I've always been a fan of Stella's modern and refreshing take on fashion and this dress has me drooling. There's something very vintage, elegant and confident about this dress. This dress is for the woman who knows she doesn't need to have a nip slip to be noticed, or to show off miles of leg or cleavage to captivate.  She likes her whiskey on the rocks, her lips red, and her eyeliner kohl.

Do you think you could carry off this sexy number?

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  1. definitely but i don't like the scoop neck; i prefer v-necks (off-sets my broad shoulders)

  2. Love the colour! I could think of many excuses to wear it. I could top this years Christmas season :)

  3. Such a gorgeous color. It's expensive, but probably totally worth it. BTW, I was just at your hometown of Vancouver B.C. Gorgeous place!

  4. I really, really like this dress! the color is so gorgeous too :)


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