1 item, 3 ways: Forever 21 Floral Pant

1 Item, 3 Ways, is a series where I show you how to get the most of your shopping purchases by styling an item into 3 different, but equally stylish outfits. You can check out past installments here.

For this post, I got a request from a friend to style another floral item: pants. The printed pant trend has been going strong since last summer. You may find printed pants in literally any type of pattern from basic stripes to crazy paisley and even hounds-tooth, but the most common pattern out there is the floral pant.

Not just for girly girls anymore, florals can suit any style from tomboy to preppy; it all depends on how you style it. For this trend, I'd recommend going cheap rather than splurging as only Karl Lagerfeld knows how long this craze will last. Here are the pair I'm featuring today, from Forever 21:

At only $23.80, this slim fit, high-waisted pant is super trendy and bold. Go big or go home I always say! This is no time to be a wallflower (bazinga!).

With so many colors and such a large floral print, this pant is one big hot mess, so I can certainly understand how daunting it would be to wear this. Let's see what I managed to come up with:

Look #1: Playing it safe

My first thought was to play it safe. Such a bold, edgy pattern screams for something clean and delicate to balance it and what could do that better than a pair of delicate sandals and a crisp white button-down? I'm really in love with buttoned up collars lately and the Natasha shirt has that perfect stiff looking collar. I really enjoy how minimal both the shirt and sandals are here. These sandals totally remind me of the stock ones that Club Monaco mannequins always wear except with some fun zig-zagging to keep it fresh. This outfit is just the right amount of stuffy.

Look #2: Print-tastic

Now bear with me as I bet you are screaming, "there are so many patterns going on here!!" and you would be right, but as Martha Stewart says, "it's a good thing." Don't be afraid to mix it up with this pant, otherwise you are only going to be able to wear it as look #1 and then it ceases to become an outfit and instead becomes a uniform. BORING. The key with this outfit is to, again, keep the other pieces clean, delicate and to think that you are varying textures instead of prints.

The soft white on white giraffe print on this spaghetti strap camisole is just perfect to be loosely tucked into the floral pants. I've been noticing that 90s camis are making a comeback, which I kinda dread as they really only look good sans bra, but I can't deny that they have a certain sexy appeal.

To finish the look, I've chosen these mesh metallic ballet flats. Metallic shoes are also having a moment and silver is a way more sophisticated look than other metallics, such as gold. So to recap, you've got floral, you've got sporty mesh and you've got animal prints and somehow it all just works - don't you just love it when that happens?

Look #3: A little rock and roll

Lastly, I had to give something for the less girly girls out there. This look is great for just kicking around on the weekends and it incorporates another trend for the summer: polka dots. Now, polka dots can be girly or saucy or edgy. Here, I've made them feel a little punk by pairing the whole outfit with these kick-ass Chuck Taylors. The polka dots of the shirt clash just slightly with the floral in an enjoyable way, while the graduated studding on the Chucks mirror the polka dots of this shirt and bring this outfit together.

What do you think of all these looks? 
Will this convince you to try floral pants?

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  1. I WANT to try floral pants. Seeing it on my favourite celebrities has given me lots of ideas~


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