1 item, 3 ways: Rag & Bone Skinny Jean

In 1 item, 3 ways, I'll help you learn how to get the most out of every item in your closet. For this installment, I was requested by Sarah to showcase how I might choose to wear the classic denim jean.
Everyone has at least one pair of jeans and this Rag & Bone pair encompass everything I love in a good jean: great fit, a perfect dark blue color that goes with everything, and subtle whiskering that gives it that ideal slightly worn-in look.

I think this was a great choice for a 1 item, 3 ways topic because jeans are the go-to item for everyone and because of that, it can be overlooked as ordinary, utilitarian items. Hopefully, these next 3 looks will have you inspired to see jeans as something exciting and fresh again:

Look #1: One of the boys

Let's start off with a refresh on the typical lazy weekend look. Lately I've been obsessed with finding the perfect sweatshirt and I love how this G-star one has that inside-out look with its exposed seams and rolled cuffs. The loose, over-sized fit balances out the tapered leg of the denim and also the over-sized look of these fantastic Puma by Mihara hi-tops. It's rare to find such cool looking female kicks and this pair has me lemming. The shoes make the outfit here and provide some much needed pizazz that elevates this look from slouchy to urban couture.

Look #2: Preppy Sunshine

This next look is a complete opposite from the first with its embrace of classic, preppy colors and shapes. To start this outfit, you must have a plain white t-shirt. You can buy these from anywhere, but my favourites lately come from Joe Fresh, whose basic tees are comfy, cheap and well-made. A chambray blazer and lemon flats evoke the sunshine and easy-going nature of summer, making this is a great transition outfit for those warm early autumn days where you can still get away without much more than a blazer on at night. While I prefer the look of the yellow, you could switch this color out for a more burnt orange or wine tone to make it more autumn appropriate. This outfit would look great for work, school, or a casual lunch date!

Look #3: Candy confections

For the final look, I went balls out girly. The inspiration for this outfit is this embroidered floral top from ModCloth. I'm not a huge fan of peplum tops, but for this vintage-inspired number, I'll make an exception. This top's intricate embroidered flowers are just so adorable and I love the contrast of the white and pink that make this top reminiscent of the color of cotton candy.

To go with such a sugary sweet top, you should probably keep the shoes sophisticated and simple. Anything with ankle-straps has me drooling this season, so these Steve Madden heeled sandals were a no-brainer. I opted for the blush color rather than a black, so as to keep the candy color theme going and topped it off with a mint colored bracelet for contrast. The varying shapes of the medallions in this Olive and Piper bracelet remind me of the crests on a merry-go-round, which makes this a perfect fit with the cotton candy colored top.

So which of these looks are your favourite?

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  1. I need to do a post on how blogging has ruined me...other guys see girls, I see if components of outfits match. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I like the second and third outfit! :)



    ...But at $55??? Gurl, bye!

    **waits for sale**


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