Anna Sui Fall 2013 preview

To make it in the fashion business, it seems you have to be memorable for something other than having dressed a celebrity or two. For some, this means a flamboyant, showy personality, whereas for others their design aesthetic is strong enough to be a voice of its own and a prime example of this is American designer Anna Sui. Known for decades for her eclectic, unique style, Anna's fashion line is a whirlwind of pattern, color and luxuriousness, while her namesake beauty line is also iconic for its feminine packaging and signature quality.

I've never used Anna Sui products before, but I've definitely always been aware of them. The Anna Sui counter was always something I loved to stare at as I would walk longingly by on my way to the drugstore, so of course I was delighted to get a sneak peek into the Anna Sui relaunch for The Bay this fall.

Anna Sui cosmetics are known for their unique packaging and rose scent. Everything in the line is rose scented and while at first I was quite hesitant as I abhor fragranced products, I was won over by the entirely natural and refreshing scent Anna uses.

Every product was a work of art. From sculpted nail polishes made to resemble evening gowns, to tiny lipsticks encased in floral sculpted rings, to the delicate butterfly wings on the La Vie de Boheme perfume - everything was awash in little details. My eyes were over flooding with eye candy and the products themselves all were amazing. Here are some of the products I'm most excited to see in stores:

  • Lip Top Coat - a lifesaver in a bottle, this gel formula adheres lip color to your lips for long lasting wear without that icky dry feeling
  • Nail Treatment Oil - this clear oil can be applied to nails to promote healthy, shiny nails and soft cuticles.
  • PH balm - this moisturizing balm goes on clear, but changes to the color of your lips, giving you a natural "my lips, but better" flush
  • Retractable blush brush - this super-soft angled blush brush is retractable, so that depending on how far you retract the brush, you can adjust the placement of product on your face and change your look from angular goddess, to blushing princess
Besides getting to play with all the products at the event, I was lucky enough to receive 2 complimentary products to take home. The first is this nail polish in 305:

This shade is a classic princess pink mixed in with a warm gold shimmer throughout. I didn't get a chance to try it out by the time of this post, but I think this would be a great subtle shade for anyone to wear to work or play.

The second item I received is this neutral lipstick in shade 701:

At first glances, I thought this shade was a lot more mocha than it is. I think at the time when I looked at it, I was so in love with the classic reds the Anna Sui reps were showing off at the event, that I had red lipstick on my mind and anything else was a huge disappointment. In any case, I was really really happy with how this color turned out! As you can see, it's a gorgeous pink-peachy color, with the peach dominating enough such that it's not a blue-pink nude, which looks horrible on yellow skin tones.

This color looks fantastic on my skin and a little less so on my lips. The formula feels very creamy and rich and almost more like a balm than a regular lipstick. The color payoff is fairly pigmented, with minimal settling into lines. This is definitely going to give my current nude lip go-to, the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Charm a run for top spot!

Be sure to visit the Bay this season for these and all the other great new Anna Sui products!

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  1. Completely dying over the nail polish packaging! It's so pretty!

  2. I have never tried her products. I think I should next time I need something. The packaging is definitely really attractive. The color does look different from your lips and your skin, but still not so bad. I think it would work if you add a peach lip liner underneath :)


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