Lust of the Week: Alaia Patent-leather Platform Sandals

Before you know it, summer will be over and it will be back to fall must-haves like leggings, booties and sweaters. One of the more fabulous items to wear in fall are a great pair of chunky closed-toe heels; they go fabulously with all your fall clothes and are a great alternative to regular boots.

Recently I spotted these Alaia platform sandals on Outnet and immediately fell in love. At first glances, these platform sandals are all vamp with their 5.5" heel and sexy ankle straps, but there's more to these shoes than just sex appeal. Look a little closer and you'll see all this neat brogue detailing stitched into the patent soles and along the heels. Plus, with these sandals being made of patent leather you won't have to worry about getting these heels wet or muddy!  Get them now on sale for $469.99.

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  1. Love these sandals! I agree, perfect for fall!


  2. Whoo I do see the intricate detailing. Looks absolutely beautiful. And the sex appeal? AMAZING!
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  3. wish i had that type of money to dish on shoes. those are super sexy. i used to think that sexy heels meant stiletto's. however i am a huge lover of chunky heels. i can't stand thin heels. from far they look sexy but if youre actually wearing them it's not that great, hah


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