Lust of the Week: Monica Vinader Lace Gold-plated Moonstone Ring

I am always on a search for new rings to add to my accessory collection. Having skinny fingers and small hands though doesn't help and I usually find it difficult to find rings that I like and that fit. That's why when I saw this gorgeous moonstone ring by Monica Vinader I was quite excited.

Moonstone is said to be very lucky and to inspire its wearer by promoting vibes of love and creativity. I love the milky translucence of this stone and set against that gold band with its fantastic embellished lace bottom, this ring is just so feminine, graceful and full of quiet beauty. It's also on sale right now for $187.50! Sadly, the size is just a bit too big still for me, but perhaps one of you may be able to take this home to enjoy.

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