Buy or Ditch: Avene Rich Skin Recovery Cream review

The Product
 Avene Rich Skin Recovery Cream is a night cream designed to soothe, moisturize and repair even the driest and most sensitive of skins. This French brand is known for their rich, luxurious formulas that protect and repair skin damaged by harsh treatments, skin conditions and environmental damage.

The Guts
The major ingredients in this cream are:

  • Avene thermal spring water - all Avene products are based around the Avene thermal spring water sourced from the south of France. Rich in silica and trace elements, this thermal water is naturally non-irritating and doesn't contain harmful free radicals. 
  • Paraffinum liquidum - a.k.a mineral oil, this ingredient acts to provide a barrier over your skin that locks moisture in
  • Squalane - similar to mineral oil, this natural lipid boots your skin's ability to retain moisture

Price & Packaging
For a 40 mL bottle, you will have to pay anywhere around $25-35. I think the price is well worth the value you get from this product as it took me months to use up this bottle.

The packaging is your standard squeeze tube, but with a twist. When you squeeze this tube, rather than have the product come out straight from the tube onto your finger, the product is pushed through the tube into an exterior chamber that then dispenses product onto your finger. This extra chamber/tube on top of the regular tube provides a layer of protection that prevents bacteria from getting into the cream. This system also allows Avene to not include a lot of preservatives in their product, which can irritate skin.

While I found this to be an innovative way to preserve the product's cleanliness, I also found it extremely annoying as you had to provide extra pressure to get any product. As the tube ran lower, my irritation grew higher as I had to squeeze harder and harder to get even a dot of cream out, even though I knew there was tons left in the tube.

The product instructions state that you could apply this cream day and night, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you have super dry skin. My normal-dry skin drank this up in the evenings, but I think it would be too heavy for use during the day.

The cream is lightly scented and absorbs quickly, although it does leave a slightly sticky feeling on your face, sort of like how your skin feels after a facial. The morning after though, my skin felt super soft, silky and even a bit plumper!


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  1. Ugh, annoying packaging is the worst! At least in this case it's for a reason not just poor design.

  2. Oooh good results but I prefer my skincare products not to contain mineral oil.


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