The Booties to Wear for Fall 2013

The greatest thing about Fall in my opinion is the footwear. As much as I love cozy sweaters, leggings, and cute coats, it's the shoes that really get me excited for the season. Ankle boots, or booties, in particular get my shopping mojo going. I own about 5 pairs of ankle boots, all in varying colors and styles and I'm always on the hunt for more. Although traditional knee-length boots can be worn with pants and skirts just like booties, I still feel that booties are more wearable year round and tend to be easier to wear since you don't have to worry about the width of your calves to wear them.

When choosing booties, always be sure to consider these ___ things:

  • heel height - are you getting these for pure height + sex appeal or are you intending these to be worn everyday and for walking longer than a block?
  • shoe height - where does the shoe cut off your leg? The higher up your leg, the more likely your legs will look stubby.
  • color and style - sure those dominatrix-style booties look really hot and edgy, but does it fit into your wardrobe of cat sweaters and bow blouses?
  • material - if you live in a rainy climate like me, then suede booties can only be worn during the transitional seasons when it's not raining 24/7

I definitely recommend that everyone have at least 2 different colored booties in their closet: 1 black and 1 cognac/brown. Black is a no-brainer as black goes with everything, but brown is also a very versatile color and looks lovely in Fall against the crisp red leaves.

Here are my top picks for the hottest booties this season:

Black + lace-up = classic. These boots from H&M have a little bit of grunge feel to them, which is perfect for all the 90s throwbacks going on in fashion right now.

Like everyone else, I'm in love with Rachel Comey boots; they can do no wrong it seems in the boot department. I first spotted these on Pinterest with some patterned tights and wooly socks peeking over the top and it was instant love. Sadly, these puppies are sold out right now online. Tragic.

I've always loved the shape of a cowboy boot and these ones have just the right amount of country in them. These are the types of boots that you could wear everywhere with almost anything. You could even wear them in summer with floral dresses or cut-offs! 

Last, but not least, are these beautiful DVF leather and suede booties. While its 4.25" heel doesn't exactly scream "walkable," these booties definitely would make an entrance. Whether you're wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans and a tee with tousled hair and red lips, or a sexy red dress and smoky eyes, these boots will be the perfect finish to make everyone look your way.

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  1. Booties are my fave too! I have those Rachel Comeys in a different colour and they are definitely my favourite Fall boots :)

  2. ahh love.
    xo Jessica
    stop by when if get a chance

  3. One of everything please! I think I'm up to 3 pairs, black, grey and taupe, guess I need to buy some brown ones :)

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE booties! i have 2 Toms booties, one sperry topsider that are so rock-chic-glam i love them so much!

    Vodka and Soda


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