Are you ready to join the #SmoothMovement?

Image via PaperBlog

A couple weeks ago I was offered the chance to try out Inhibitif an innovative new product for hair removal designed to naturally and painlessly reduce the growth of your body hair such that waxing and shaving become a distant memory.

Inhibitif is a powerful hair serum that contains a complex of highly concentrated ingredients, such as:

  • Lauryl Isoquinolinium bromide - thins hairs so they appear finer and softer
  • Dihydromycerin - inhibits hair growth
  • Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract - a big-ass name for what is essentially an anti-aging bacteria found in Antarctica that protects skin by naturally trapping moisture.
The serum also contains other moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, so I'm sure at the very least, this serum will leave your legs very soft. 

Inhibitif has launched already in the UK to rave reviews complete with dramatic before and after photos. It can be used on all skin types and by both men and women! A 120 mL bottle will cost you $19.99, which is quite reasonable compared to the cost of waxing or laser. 

Unfortunately, to properly test this product, I'd have to use it, however I had to decline as I'm pretty hairless already (thanks Asian mom!), so dear readers I'm turning the tables and asking YOU to help me try out this product!

Sign up to be a #SmoothMovement reviewer for me and receive a bottle of Inhibitif for free! All I ask is that you:
  1. Live in Canada
  2. Try Inhibitif as instructed for 8 weeks
  3. Write a review on your results to be posted on my blog (Don't worry, I'll help!)
So what do you say? Are you ready to embrace a life with smooth, hairless legs?

Leave a comment to sign up and I'll randomly pick the winner Tuesday, November 5, 2013!

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Lust of the Week: Club Monaco Rimon Eyelet Short

Club Monaco, $49

It's never to late to shop for summer right? Actually, I love scoring clearance finds - particularly when they're from pricey Club Monaco! Until Oct. 30, these shorts and other clearance items are 30% off! Just use the code LASTCHANCE30 to redeem.

Sorry for the late post today as well! I normally blog on the weekends, but this weekend I was out celebrating a good friend's bachelorette and well, Sunday I was feeling too lazy to do much of anything. I guess when you reach your late 20s, alcohol really does tire you out more than before!

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Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days TwistUp Lipstick Challenge: Week 3

Sorry for the late recap as this week was actually the last week of the challenge, but here is my recap of week 3 of the 24 day lipstick shade of the day challenge issued by Annabelle Cosmetics. If you missed weeks 1 and 2, you can check them out here and here. There are tons of gorgeous shades in the previous weeks, so this is definitely recommended reading!

To recap, for the past couple weeks, I've been posting a photo a day on Instagram wearing a different shade from the new Annabelle lipstick/lip crayon line, TwistUp. This set of creamy, pigmented lip crayons deliver maximum color and precise application in 24 stunning shades. The first 2 weeks set the bar pretty high, so I wasn't sure how the gush fest could keep going for the second half of the challenge, but I was certainly mistaken.

Day 14: Bazooka Pink
Not quite as in your face as Fuschianista, but still WAY more pink than I'm used to, this bubblegum pink is quite pretty, but not really my cup of tea. It's a very blue-based pink, so it's ideal for cooler skin tones, but on my yellow skin, it just looks more like this.

Day 15: Absolute
The nudes have met with varying success with the various bloggers in this challenge. While Naked seemed to fare terribly with others, it came off as a very light peach on me. I think Absolute did a much better job for more people as it's more of a blush pink color that works well with naturally darker lips. This color did a good job of neutralizing my lip color without washing me out.

Day 16: Fizz
Fizz is unique among the TwistUp shades as it's the only one with hints of shimmer. Usually shimmer in lipsticks is overdone and comes off at best as a fun Holiday lip color, or at its worst, a shimmery shit-ball of frostiness. Fizz straddles this dangerous line perfectly, providing just a hint of sparkle that's just what you're wanting during the holiday season, but is subtle enough that you could wear this in any other season as well. It swatches rather pink, but on it comes off as a light pink-red.

Day 17: Havana
Havana is my least favourite color this week and arguably one of my least favourite of all the TwistUp shades. Havana is a darker, more pink-brown version of Naked and it literally makes my lips the same color as my skin. If I ever wanted to do that "pretty but sick" look of girls in Chinese dramas, then this would be the shade I would use to achieve it.

Day 18: Royale
In contrast, Royale is one of my favourite shades of the week and is one I'm definitely keeping for myself! Sorry guys, but this richly pigmented magenta is just too beautiful to give up. I like how bold, yet natural it looks on and it has a wonderfully creamy texture.

Day 19: Mai Tai
This shade totally reminds me of last week's Mimosa and Kiss and week 1's Orange Pop. Mai Tai is a slightly redder and sheerer version of Orange Pop that makes me feel very fresh and youthful.

Day 20: Romance
As dark as this color looks in the tube, this pink-brown shade wears quite beautifully as a "my lips, but better" shade on me. It reminds me a bit of last week's Divine, but brighter and more mauve.

Want to win an entire set of the TwistUp lip crayons? Check back next week then as I post up the final 4 days of swatches and announce my TwistUp giveaway!

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Pinspirations: My Fall Uniform

via Pinterest

via Flickr

via Flickr

via Happily Grey

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Feeling lazy today as I've been pretty busy lately, so I thought I'd share some soothing, inspirational fashion images. This season I'm all about casual comfort done stylishly like a comfy sweater or cardigan layered over cute boots or skirts. Also, I am down for anything leather and quilted in my wardrobe. I need more leather!! To go with all that leather, I'm really feeling strong lip colors in bright reds and berry. Berry lips are new for me, but after trying this lip gloss, I have changed my mind and am riding that berry train hard.  

The reason for my laziness? I celebrated my birthday on the weekend and the past couple weeks I've been helping plan a friend's bachelorette party for this weekend, as well as preparing a speech for a speaking engagement. I think the most terrible part and the part I hate the most, about event planning is the wrangling of people to get together. Not saying that this is something that happened for this event as I had 2 great people helping me plan, or even recently, but it brought to mind how in the past I've found it horribly difficult to get a commitment from people. Seriously, if you get heeby-jeebies committing to a single date days or weeks in advance than how will you ever find the ability to remember to commit to one person for your entire life?! And then even when you do, last minute "things" come up that mysteriously are uber important, but weren't remembered until now?! Aiya people. Just be straight up and admit that you are uncertain you want to go for whatever reason you've deemed not worthy of telling. I'd rather that than your questionable excuse. Hell, I'd probably even understand. Sometimes I'd rather nap and watch Restaurant Stakeout than be with you too. Is this just a Vancouver thing? I know a lot of people who do this and yes, even I am guilty occasionally. Mr. Artist does this all the time too, which is how I know napping is a legit reason apparently for staying home. What do you guys think?

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Buy or Ditch Battle Review: Lush Cosmetics Let the Good Times Roll vs. Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

I thought I'd change things up for this particular review of the Lush Cosmetics Let the Good Times Roll exfoliating scrub since there are tons of reviews out there about this classic product. Yes, we all know how great it is, but how does it really compare to another high quality product? I just happened to be using a gift box size of the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub, so I figured the two would be a good comparison as both have garnered rave reviews. Place your bets now before reading on!

The Product
The Lush Cosmetics Let the Good Times Roll exfoliating scrub is a polenta and maize based, all natural and vegan facial scrub that was originally a special edition that recently became part of the regular Lush line due to its popularity. If you're into organic, handcrafted things, then this scrub is right up your alley.

The Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub is also corn based and designed to slough off accumulated impurities and dirt on your skin to reveal radiant, even toned skin. This scrub contains no artificial fragrances and colours.

The Guts
 Let the Good Times Roll:

  • Maize flour - maize is basically a fancy way of saying corn and is a natural exfoliant. One thing to be aware of with natural exfoliators is that not all natural ingredients are equal and that you should avoid some that will leave microscopic lines in your face. For a list of natural scrub-friendly ingredients, go here.
  • Glycerine - a moisturizing agent commonly found in most products
  • Talc - an absorbing agent that provides a silky feel. Online, there are concerns about the carcinogenic threat that talc can pose, but Lush is great about providing information about their ingredients and they do address these concerns.
  • Cinnamon - a natural antiseptic to help cleanse skin and provide scent
Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub
  • Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate, Glyceryl Stearate - common cleansers
  •  Zea Mays (Corn) Cob Meal - as in Lush's scrub, this is a natural exfoliant
  • Mallow extract - an anti-inflammatory ingredient that makes up marshmallows and which helps reduce redness caused by skin irritations
  • Ivy extract - an anti-aging ingredient that reduces fine lines
  • Cucumber and aloe vera - for cooling and soothing the skin

Price & Packaging
Let the Good Times Roll comes in a 3.5 oz for $12.95 or 8.8 oz jar for $28.95. I have the 3.5 oz, which is plenty of scrub to last you for ages. As it's a natural and therefore perishable scrub, I would hesitate on buying the larger jar because I'm not sure I would be able to use it up in time, but depending on your exfoliating needs, you may beg to differ.

The Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub comes in a conventional squeeze tube. A 75mL (or 2.54 oz) tube will set you back $41.

As you can see, you do get way more bang for your buck with Lush than Dermalogica. I suppose this could be partly due to Dermalogica being more of a spa brand and therefore some of that price is due to brand markup. I actually much prefer the Dermalogica squeeze tube over the Lush pot as it's way easier to control the amount of product you use. I found that with Lush that I'd often get bits of scrub caught under my nails as I dug it out of the pot; a very minor annoyance, but annoying still.

Let the Good Times Roll: the greatest thing about this scrub is its smell. Oh lordy it is heavenly. The smell of this scrub is like fresh baked cookies and the best part is, I swear I could smell it on my face throughout the day after using. Heaven! If I could, I would just eat this, it smells so delicious. Besides its benefits as an air freshener, I found this scrub to be an effective cleanser, but tricky to use. You must break off a small (pea sized) chunk and mix it with a teeny bit of water to create a paste. I still have not mastered the perfect amount of water to make this scrub as I always add too much and it becomes really watery with a mash of paste in the middle. Angela recommends just using your damp hands. The scrub feels pleasant on the skin and rinses cleanly.

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub: The biggest difference between this and Let the Good Times Roll is the grain size. Compared to Let the Good Times Roll, this scrub feels like you're using a micro-dermabrasion. The grains are super small, smooth and evenly distributed, whereas I felt like Lush's scrub had variance in its granule distribution, probably due to my poor paste-making skills. Because of its finer grains, I felt this scrub did a better job of really getting into the nooks and crannies of my face and gently, but thoroughly, sloughing off all the dead skin cells and grime. This scrub rinses cleanly and left my skin feeling refreshed, but not tight. It also has zero scent, so if you're not a fan of cookies and wholesomeness, then this is a big plus for you.

Definitely both are a buy. It's very difficult to decide which is better as they each have their own merits and produced very similar results. Let the Good Times Roll has a fantastic scent and is better value, however I don't enjoy having to take the extra step to make a paste to use it, so despite the price, I kinda like the Skin Prep Scrub better. If though, Angela's tip works, then I will switch to vote Lush all the way!

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Lust of the Week: Olive+Piper Classic Roman Watch

Olive+Piper, $42

Sometimes you just need a little bling in your life. I'm a huge fan of chunky, men-style watches and this one from Canadian online retailer Olive+Piper satisfies my manly watch craving with something that is decidedly feminine. Yes, the chunky gold wristband is there and the over-sized watch face, but check out that ring of gems and that cute contrasting white band. So girly. Sure, it's no Michael Kors, but hey, this one also won't cost you any sleep at night spending on.

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Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist-up Lipstick Challenge: Week 2

Last week was the first full 7 day week for the Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist Up lip crayon challenge! In case you haven't heard, Annabelle has challenged 24 bloggers across Canada to post up a photo a day for each of the new shades in the Twist Up line. Week 1's shades were pretty darn gorgeous, so how will week 2 shape up?

Day 7: Fuschianista
Very pretty in the tube, but when I put this on I looked ready for an 80s neon party! The pictures tone it down, but seriously, this is a larger than life color. It might look cooler if layered on very lightly. Tread with caution.

Day 8: Tease
A warm red-bronze shade that gives you that 90s brown lipstick look with a modern spin. I'm not a huge fan of brown lipsticks, so this one is a pass for me, but it looks quite natural and pretty on a wide variety of skin tones.

Day 9: Flirtini
Like Monroe, but darker, this color is a true red. It looks almost like ox blood, but had a very nice cranberry finish on me. Definitely a keeper!

Day 10: Mimosa
This one is a sister to last week's Orange Pop to me, but darker. Very pretty and natural.

Day 11: Kiss
Kiss and Mimosa look super similar to me, with Kiss being a bit redder, whereas Mimosa has more of an orange tint to it. It's great to do two such similar shades right after the other because it really makes you examine the differences between them. I try not to have too many very similar colors in my lip collection, so just like in Highlander, there can be only one!

Day 12: Red Carpet
Ok, did you guess that I'm a huge fan of this one? Bright, bold lip color is right up my alley and I love how this one has a bit of a pink tinge to it, like you mixed Plump it Up and Monroe together.

Day 13: Divine
Another natural lip color. This week seems full of "my lips but better" shades! Where Mimosa leaned towards orange and Kiss towards a true red, Divine went towards the pink spectrum.  Forget my earlier dilemma over Mimosa and Kiss; I think Divine just did an intervention and won this battle (don't you just love my corniness?).

Let me know which of this week's shades were your favourite and check out the colors from last week! 

I'll be posting weekly updates of my mini-reviews of each Twist-up shade, but you can follow along with my daily postings via #24Days on Twitter and Instagram! Another reason to follow along is because maybe, just maybe, you may get a chance to win your favourite Annabelle shades at the end of this challenge!

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Shop Til You Drop Recap AKA My Sojourn to Oak and Fort

A couple weeks ago I attended my first Shop Til You Drop event at Metropolis at Metrotown. This famed annual shopping event is where Metrotown, Vancouver's largest mall, offers a veritable bonanza of shopping discounts at many of its stores, alongside exclusive fashion shows, demonstrations and prizes. People literally line up like it's a Justin Bieber contest in order to get their hands on a coveted Shop Til You Drop gift bag containing tons of free samples and discounts. Lucky for me, I didn't have to wait! Blogging does have its perks at times. I was fortunate enough to receive an invite from Vanessa, the voice behind Metropolis at Metrotown's social media (follow @metropolisatmet!), and she gave me a complimentary gift bag. Although it certainly didn't include all the amazing goodies that the more determined waited out for, it did contain some goodies like a sweet water bottle with a built-in filter and a $25 gift card!

Of course I knew right away where to use that baby up and headed straight to the new(ish) Oak+Fort store with my partner-in-crime, Sheila. Oak+Fort is a well known Gastown boutique and it recently opened its latest location underneath the food court. A little hidden treasure this store is and so much slicker looking than most Metro stores with its stylish window displays and modern decor.

Photo: Oak+Fort

Oak+Fort has become a recent favourite of mine, alongside my beloved Zara and Club Monaco. Known for their loose, modern silhouette and laid back yet stylish feel, Oak+Fort is a go-to destination for anyone seeking cozy over-sized knit cardigans, silk trousers and blouses and delicate chain jewelry. There are so many beautiful things to buy here and the prices actually aren't too bad for the quality!

In the end, I was torn between a gorgeous red blouse or a cream knit cardigan:

In the end though, I opted just for the cardigan as the blouse was a bit too high-low for me.

Need more evidence of why you should visit the new Oak+Fort in Metropolis at Metrotown? Here's 4 more reasons why:

Photo: Oak+Fort

Photo: Oak+Fort

Photo: Oak+Fort

Photo: Oak+Fort

Incidentally, today is also my birthday, so if anyone wants to buy me some Oak+Fort, please feel free to do so ;)

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Lise Watier Tartantastique Fall Collection 2013

Just in time for Fall's stiff breezes and grey skies is the lovely limited edition collection, Tartantastique by Lise Watier. Last month I got to check out the launch of the new line at The Loden Hotel and now I'm checking in with you all with my first impressions of some of the items in the collection.

Inspired by traditional tartan fabrics, Tartantastique is a reinterpretation that is both "rebellious and sophisticated with rich textures and brilliant effects." The bold hues, centering around rich berry tones, vibrant teals and soft mauves, offer an alluring mix of elegance and drama.

The collection consists of the following items:

My impressions:

Quatuor Tartantastique eyeshadow quartet
I haven't owned such a colorful palette in a long while and when I tried it out with the Lise Watier MUA at the London Drugs Fall Preview event earlier this summer, I wasn't thrilled. The results when I had tried the palette then were overly dramatic for daytime and I felt I looked a little raccoonish; thus I'm happy to report that when I tried this palette out myself, the colors turned out to be quite sheer and layerable! I wouldn't really recommend using all four colors at once, especially if you have Asian eyes as it's just too much going on. Two to three shades max is very doable though for a subtle daytime look that gives depth and color to your eyes. The pink highlight is very natural and gives a subtle shimmer, while I love the teal and purple shades for the crease and outer corners. What I usually do with this palette is apply the pink across my entire lid, then the purple OR teal on my lash line up to my crease and then smudge the hunter green on the outer corner.

Havana bronzing powder 
Love the scalloped edging on this bronzer. I haven't tried this out yet, but I like how it's more brown and less orange than most bronzers. Perhaps this would make a suitable contour powder?

Haute Lumiere High Shine lip gloss in Natural Shine
This lip gloss has the .most unique packaging I've seen in awhile. First off, it comes with a built-in light that allows you to apply this gloss even in dark conditions, like say in a night club bathroom, a dim restaurant or a dark alley (although why you need to look good in alleys is your own business). Second, this gloss comes with a handy mirror attached to the side of the bottle (not shown). I didn't realize this mirror was there and only saw this crappy semi-reflective patch on the side, until Sheila enlightened me to the fact that I had just failed to peel off the protective sticker! #Fail. 

Natural Shine is just what it proclaims to be. This gloss gives a barely there rosy pink tint to my lips and the shine is very moist and not plastic looking. It's also not very sticky and lasts for a couple hours, which is pretty standard for me when wearing gloss. This shade is great on its own, but also does well layered over lipsticks if you want to softly dilute one of your stronger shades.

Nail lacquer in Pink Plaid
Haven't tried this one out yet either, but at $13 it's definitely pretty pricey for a drugstore brand. I haven't tried Lise Watier polishes before, so I can't speak to the quality either, but judging from the bottle, this color is pretty much the same as in the product images and looks like it would be a great shade for a natural manicure. 

Dramatique Intense extra smooth eyeliner in Prune 
Sorry that I don't have a photo of this eyeliner, but out of all the products I've tried of this collection, this is one of my favourites! The color here is less purple than in the product photos and is more of a metallic dark lavender color. It's easy to apply and lasts throughout the day without smudging.

And now, for some shameless selfies with the Tartantastique collection! Here I'm wearing the Dramatique Intense eyeliner with the Tartantastique eyeshadow quartet and Haute Lumiere lip gloss.

You can purchase Lise Watier products at London Drugs or online via their website.

Which Tartantastique product are you excited to try?

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Lust of the Week: Conversation Pieces Yours Florally Dress

Conversation Pieces, $38

Even though the weather is getting greyer and colder, doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be. I try to make a conscious effort usually to wear bright colors in fall/winter so I don't drown in all the black and grey and this dress from LA e-tailer Conversation Pieces seems like the perfect piece to do just that. The colorful floral print is cheerful, but not overwhelmingly so, meaning it won't look out of place for fall when paired with some opaque tights and a sweater cardigan. Don't you just love when dressing up is easy?

When this post is published, I'll most likely be sleeping in my old childhood bed at my parent's house for Thanksgiving. To all my Canadian readers, have a great Thanksgiving and I hope it's filled with the best food, family and conversation.

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Getting Threaded at Blink Brow Bar Part 2: New Brows, New Me

Last week, in part 1 of my feature series of new Vancouver eyebrow salon, Blink Brow Bar, I introduced you to owner Kiran Darred and her advice on how to achieve the ideal brow shape for your face. In this post, I undergo the Kiran treatment firsthand!

The first thing I have to note about my experience at Blink is that it is very personal and luxurious. Right away, you are served with Blink's homemade chai tea. Deliciously fragrant and the perfect concoction of creamy, spicy goodness, this chai is eons better than the spice drawer crap you get from Starbucks.

After a few sips, I was whisked into my salon chair and Kiran and I consulted on how to shape my eyebrows. Like many Asians, my eyebrows are very sparse and light, so plucking for me is more about creating shape than removing excess strands. I told Kiran that I wanted darker, thicker brows and she suggested eyebrow tinting. I have never dyed my eyebrows before, but I was game for anything, although I did plead though that she not go too dark as images of Bert and Ernie danced through my head.

To tint my eyebrows, Kiran spread a dark paste along my brow line and left it on for about 10 minutes. While we waited, she gave me a soothing hand massage using aloe vera gel that was quite refreshing and relaxing.

Looks ridiculous, but I've actually seen bloggers with brows like these!

After wiping off the dye, I immediately saw the effects - my eyebrows were definitely darker and already more defined! I also instantly regretted being a wimp and not going darker. Tinting is definitely addictive.

Next, Kiran got to work on shaping my eyebrows. Clucking disapprovingly, Kiran said that I had over plucked and my eyebrows, which were sparse to begin with, were too short and thin. She decided to just clean up the edges and fill them in thicker, darker and longer. To start, she stenciled the shape that my eyebrows should be in white pencil. I was shocked - my eyebrows were nowhere near filling out that shape!

Really, they're supposed to be what now??

With a long length of cotton thread, Kiran got to work on cleaning up my unruly brows. Since I pluck regularly, I figured my eye area nerves would be pretty dead and for the most part, the process was quick and painless. Unlike plucking which feels exactly like how you think it would feel, threading feels more like a hot sand-papery feeling on your skin. Within minutes, Kiran had finished and after applying eyebrow shadow and gel, she was ready to reveal her work.

For  reference, here is the "before" shot
Thank you to Sheila for all the photos!

Obviously I was SUPER pleased with the results! My eyebrows were graceful, defined and boy did they ever stand out on my face! For the first time, I truly realized what people meant when they said that eyebrows provide a frame for your face. I am in love with my new brows and cannot wait to get it done again. Even now, 2.5 weeks later, my eyebrows still look very neat and defined.

The total price for an eyebrow tint and threading was $21 + $19 = $40 for about half an hour of service. Besides eyebrows, Blink also does lash tinting, facial hair removal and body waxing. You can visit their website for the full service list and prices.

Thank you to Kiran and the staff at Blink Brow Bar and Caroline at Dela Cruz PR for the opportunity to visit and receive this treatment!

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Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist-up Lipstick Challenge: Week 1

24 days. 24 shades. 24 bloggers across Canada. That was the challenge issued to me by Annabelle Cosmetics a few weeks ago and did I accept? Uh, hell yeah.

Canadian beauty line Annabelle Cosmetics is unveiling their new mega-line of Twist-up lipsticks in October and to celebrate, they asked 24 bloggers across Canada to do 24 posts with each day highlighting a different Twist-up shade. Easy-peasy for me I figure since I did do 365 days of outfits!

The Twist-up lipstick is part lipstick, part lip crayon and all gorgeousness. No sharpening required, these lipsticks offer high impact pigmentation, lasting power and a variety of shades to suit your every mood.

Here are my impressions of the shades from week 1:

Day 1: Plump it up
Love this color and my favourite so far! This sweet magenta shade instantly brightens up my face and has a really creamy finish that's just what I'm looking for in a lip product.

Day 2: Naked
This peachy nude looks good on me and is basically a dupe of my Revlon Just Bitten lip crayon, but definitely swatch this one on yourself before purchasing as it looks wildly different on various skin tones.

Day 3: Breeze
A pink-mauve color that basically matches my lips, I found this to be a great "my lips, but better" shade. If you like to look like you're wearing nothing, then this would be a great shade to try, however I prefer lip colors that stand out a bit more, so this is only a like, not a love, for me.

Day 4: Orange pop
I'm a sucker for orange lips so this pink-orange color is just perfect for me. It's a bit more pink than it is orange, kinda like a grapefruit, but I think it's great way to brighten up your look in winter in the daytime. I bet the color could look even more saturated if you layered it on more as I've seen some of the other bloggers do. If you have paler skin, this color would really stand out, but on my beige skin, it blends in more.

Day 5: Monroe
My second favourite shade so far is this bright red. Seriously, you could just wear this and mascara and call it a day. I love it when lipsticks just make your look and this red is a great beginner's red lipstick; not too "out there," but with just enough pigment to pop.

Day 6: Bubble
Like Breeze, this one just looks like my natural lip color. In fact, Breeze and Bubble are so similar, it's almost not worth commenting on them both. Bubble is slightly lighter and more pink.

I'll be posting weekly updates of my mini-reviews of each Twist-up shade, but you can follow along with my daily postings via #24Days on Twitter and Instagram! Another reason to follow along is because maybe, just maybe, you may get a chance to win your favourite Annabelle shades at the end of this challenge!

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