Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist-up Lipstick Challenge: Week 1

24 days. 24 shades. 24 bloggers across Canada. That was the challenge issued to me by Annabelle Cosmetics a few weeks ago and did I accept? Uh, hell yeah.

Canadian beauty line Annabelle Cosmetics is unveiling their new mega-line of Twist-up lipsticks in October and to celebrate, they asked 24 bloggers across Canada to do 24 posts with each day highlighting a different Twist-up shade. Easy-peasy for me I figure since I did do 365 days of outfits!

The Twist-up lipstick is part lipstick, part lip crayon and all gorgeousness. No sharpening required, these lipsticks offer high impact pigmentation, lasting power and a variety of shades to suit your every mood.

Here are my impressions of the shades from week 1:

Day 1: Plump it up
Love this color and my favourite so far! This sweet magenta shade instantly brightens up my face and has a really creamy finish that's just what I'm looking for in a lip product.

Day 2: Naked
This peachy nude looks good on me and is basically a dupe of my Revlon Just Bitten lip crayon, but definitely swatch this one on yourself before purchasing as it looks wildly different on various skin tones.

Day 3: Breeze
A pink-mauve color that basically matches my lips, I found this to be a great "my lips, but better" shade. If you like to look like you're wearing nothing, then this would be a great shade to try, however I prefer lip colors that stand out a bit more, so this is only a like, not a love, for me.

Day 4: Orange pop
I'm a sucker for orange lips so this pink-orange color is just perfect for me. It's a bit more pink than it is orange, kinda like a grapefruit, but I think it's great way to brighten up your look in winter in the daytime. I bet the color could look even more saturated if you layered it on more as I've seen some of the other bloggers do. If you have paler skin, this color would really stand out, but on my beige skin, it blends in more.

Day 5: Monroe
My second favourite shade so far is this bright red. Seriously, you could just wear this and mascara and call it a day. I love it when lipsticks just make your look and this red is a great beginner's red lipstick; not too "out there," but with just enough pigment to pop.

Day 6: Bubble
Like Breeze, this one just looks like my natural lip color. In fact, Breeze and Bubble are so similar, it's almost not worth commenting on them both. Bubble is slightly lighter and more pink.

I'll be posting weekly updates of my mini-reviews of each Twist-up shade, but you can follow along with my daily postings via #24Days on Twitter and Instagram! Another reason to follow along is because maybe, just maybe, you may get a chance to win your favourite Annabelle shades at the end of this challenge!

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