Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist-up Lipstick Challenge: Week 2

Last week was the first full 7 day week for the Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days Twist Up lip crayon challenge! In case you haven't heard, Annabelle has challenged 24 bloggers across Canada to post up a photo a day for each of the new shades in the Twist Up line. Week 1's shades were pretty darn gorgeous, so how will week 2 shape up?

Day 7: Fuschianista
Very pretty in the tube, but when I put this on I looked ready for an 80s neon party! The pictures tone it down, but seriously, this is a larger than life color. It might look cooler if layered on very lightly. Tread with caution.

Day 8: Tease
A warm red-bronze shade that gives you that 90s brown lipstick look with a modern spin. I'm not a huge fan of brown lipsticks, so this one is a pass for me, but it looks quite natural and pretty on a wide variety of skin tones.

Day 9: Flirtini
Like Monroe, but darker, this color is a true red. It looks almost like ox blood, but had a very nice cranberry finish on me. Definitely a keeper!

Day 10: Mimosa
This one is a sister to last week's Orange Pop to me, but darker. Very pretty and natural.

Day 11: Kiss
Kiss and Mimosa look super similar to me, with Kiss being a bit redder, whereas Mimosa has more of an orange tint to it. It's great to do two such similar shades right after the other because it really makes you examine the differences between them. I try not to have too many very similar colors in my lip collection, so just like in Highlander, there can be only one!

Day 12: Red Carpet
Ok, did you guess that I'm a huge fan of this one? Bright, bold lip color is right up my alley and I love how this one has a bit of a pink tinge to it, like you mixed Plump it Up and Monroe together.

Day 13: Divine
Another natural lip color. This week seems full of "my lips but better" shades! Where Mimosa leaned towards orange and Kiss towards a true red, Divine went towards the pink spectrum.  Forget my earlier dilemma over Mimosa and Kiss; I think Divine just did an intervention and won this battle (don't you just love my corniness?).

Let me know which of this week's shades were your favourite and check out the colors from last week! 

I'll be posting weekly updates of my mini-reviews of each Twist-up shade, but you can follow along with my daily postings via #24Days on Twitter and Instagram! Another reason to follow along is because maybe, just maybe, you may get a chance to win your favourite Annabelle shades at the end of this challenge!

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