Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days TwistUp Lipstick Challenge: Week 3

Sorry for the late recap as this week was actually the last week of the challenge, but here is my recap of week 3 of the 24 day lipstick shade of the day challenge issued by Annabelle Cosmetics. If you missed weeks 1 and 2, you can check them out here and here. There are tons of gorgeous shades in the previous weeks, so this is definitely recommended reading!

To recap, for the past couple weeks, I've been posting a photo a day on Instagram wearing a different shade from the new Annabelle lipstick/lip crayon line, TwistUp. This set of creamy, pigmented lip crayons deliver maximum color and precise application in 24 stunning shades. The first 2 weeks set the bar pretty high, so I wasn't sure how the gush fest could keep going for the second half of the challenge, but I was certainly mistaken.

Day 14: Bazooka Pink
Not quite as in your face as Fuschianista, but still WAY more pink than I'm used to, this bubblegum pink is quite pretty, but not really my cup of tea. It's a very blue-based pink, so it's ideal for cooler skin tones, but on my yellow skin, it just looks more like this.

Day 15: Absolute
The nudes have met with varying success with the various bloggers in this challenge. While Naked seemed to fare terribly with others, it came off as a very light peach on me. I think Absolute did a much better job for more people as it's more of a blush pink color that works well with naturally darker lips. This color did a good job of neutralizing my lip color without washing me out.

Day 16: Fizz
Fizz is unique among the TwistUp shades as it's the only one with hints of shimmer. Usually shimmer in lipsticks is overdone and comes off at best as a fun Holiday lip color, or at its worst, a shimmery shit-ball of frostiness. Fizz straddles this dangerous line perfectly, providing just a hint of sparkle that's just what you're wanting during the holiday season, but is subtle enough that you could wear this in any other season as well. It swatches rather pink, but on it comes off as a light pink-red.

Day 17: Havana
Havana is my least favourite color this week and arguably one of my least favourite of all the TwistUp shades. Havana is a darker, more pink-brown version of Naked and it literally makes my lips the same color as my skin. If I ever wanted to do that "pretty but sick" look of girls in Chinese dramas, then this would be the shade I would use to achieve it.

Day 18: Royale
In contrast, Royale is one of my favourite shades of the week and is one I'm definitely keeping for myself! Sorry guys, but this richly pigmented magenta is just too beautiful to give up. I like how bold, yet natural it looks on and it has a wonderfully creamy texture.

Day 19: Mai Tai
This shade totally reminds me of last week's Mimosa and Kiss and week 1's Orange Pop. Mai Tai is a slightly redder and sheerer version of Orange Pop that makes me feel very fresh and youthful.

Day 20: Romance
As dark as this color looks in the tube, this pink-brown shade wears quite beautifully as a "my lips, but better" shade on me. It reminds me a bit of last week's Divine, but brighter and more mauve.

Want to win an entire set of the TwistUp lip crayons? Check back next week then as I post up the final 4 days of swatches and announce my TwistUp giveaway!

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