Getting Threaded at Blink Brow Bar Part 1: Interview with Kiran Darred

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver's newest brow salon, Blink Brow Bar. Located in Coal Harbour, Blink offers a variety of hair removal services, but their specialty is Indian eyebrow threading.

Threading is an ancient style of hair removal originating in India. Using a length of 100% cotton thread, a threading specialist quickly and (almost) painlessly twists the string around each individual hair, plucking it out seamlessly. Unlike plucking, threading won't damage your hair follicles, which means zero chance of ingrown hairs and unlike waxing, threading won't strip away precious skin oils that can leave your eye area red and sensitive. Threading is quick, effective and can even prevent future growth if done regularly! The effects of a single threading session can last up to 3-4 weeks, so it's great for low-maintenance people.

I got to visit Blink to try out threading for the first time and while I was there, I spoke with owner Kiran Darred. With over 17 years as an esthetician, Kiran is highly knowledgeable, super nice and damn does she have nice eyebrows! In part 1 of this 2 part series, she shared with me her tips on how to give good brow and what it's like to open her own salon:

MizzJHow did you decide to become a brow artist and how did you get your start?
KiranI grew up in India going to the beauty parlour with my mom and was always fascinated by threading. I knew I wanted to learn to do it professionally, so when I was 17, I started training in India where I became certified in this art. After moving to Canada I became a certified esthetician here as well. I have been threading for almost two decades and I love what I do. 

MizzJWhat made you decide to open Blink?
KiranI wanted to share my passion for threading with downtown Vancouver. When this location in Coal Harbour opened up, I knew I was ready to open my own high-end eyebrow threading salon that was going to set a new standard for threading in this city. 

MizzJWhat makes Blink different from other brow studios?
KiranAt Blink our goal is to make clients feel AND look their best. We take expert care of our customers. From the moment they walk in, they are greeted with a cup of hot, homemade chai tea, and invited to sit in our comfortable lounge area. Then we walk them through their treatment and work with them to achieve the look they want. We also offer a hand massage and complimentary brow make up application so clients leave looking flawless and feeling relaxed and beautiful. 

MizzJIf you weren't doing what you do now, what would you be doing?
KiranI can honestly say I would not be doing anything else. Threading is what I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. It's my passion and I love sharing it with others and making people feel beautiful. . 

MizzJWhat are your 3 do's and don'ts when it comes to brows?
  1. Analyze your face shape before doing anything to your brows. Your eyebrow shape should be determined by the shape of your face. 
  2. Check the space between your eyes - are they close together or far apart? This will also determine your brow shape.
  3. Always opt for threading! 

  1. Avoid plucking with tweezers and never shave.  
  2. Do not shape your eyebrows yourself. Get a second opinion or an expert who knows the right shape for your face to help you. 
  3. If you need to pluck, do not over do it. Only remove stray hairs and only in an emergency when you can't get to somebody who can thread them for you. 
MizzJ: There are so many brow styles now from straight and thick to thin and highly arched.  How do you determine what style works best for you and your face shape?
Kiran: There are 6 basic face shapes we judge brow shape from:

  1. Oval Face -  [this shape] accommodates a variety of brow shapes including round arch, long brow, thin brow or thick brow. 
  2. Long Face - thick and flat brows to make face appear more oval
  3. Heart Shape - soft round brows to soften the pointed chin. 
  4. Round Face  - a very high arch with short tail gives a slimmer appearance. 
  5. Square - an angled brow with a peak and then long tail - this takes attention away from a square jaw line. 
  6. Diamond Shape - angled brow with round peak will narrow the appearance of a diamond shaped face. 
MizzJWhat do you think are the hottest trends when it comes to eyebrows right now?
KiranTHICK, long and arched is what I get the most requests for right now.

MizzJAny advice for growing out your brows without looking like a hairy monster?
Kiran: If somebody wants to make their eyebrows thick, we draw a line on their first visit and we will clean up around it, but never go past it. Sometimes it can take two months to grow brows back but with frequent visits (every three weeks or so) we can keep them looking clean and well shaped as they grow in. 

A huge thank you to Kiran for her time and to Dela Cruz PR for arranging this interview! Stay tuned for part 2 of my series on Blink Brow Bar as I try out threading first-hand!

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