Getting Threaded at Blink Brow Bar Part 2: New Brows, New Me

Last week, in part 1 of my feature series of new Vancouver eyebrow salon, Blink Brow Bar, I introduced you to owner Kiran Darred and her advice on how to achieve the ideal brow shape for your face. In this post, I undergo the Kiran treatment firsthand!

The first thing I have to note about my experience at Blink is that it is very personal and luxurious. Right away, you are served with Blink's homemade chai tea. Deliciously fragrant and the perfect concoction of creamy, spicy goodness, this chai is eons better than the spice drawer crap you get from Starbucks.

After a few sips, I was whisked into my salon chair and Kiran and I consulted on how to shape my eyebrows. Like many Asians, my eyebrows are very sparse and light, so plucking for me is more about creating shape than removing excess strands. I told Kiran that I wanted darker, thicker brows and she suggested eyebrow tinting. I have never dyed my eyebrows before, but I was game for anything, although I did plead though that she not go too dark as images of Bert and Ernie danced through my head.

To tint my eyebrows, Kiran spread a dark paste along my brow line and left it on for about 10 minutes. While we waited, she gave me a soothing hand massage using aloe vera gel that was quite refreshing and relaxing.

Looks ridiculous, but I've actually seen bloggers with brows like these!

After wiping off the dye, I immediately saw the effects - my eyebrows were definitely darker and already more defined! I also instantly regretted being a wimp and not going darker. Tinting is definitely addictive.

Next, Kiran got to work on shaping my eyebrows. Clucking disapprovingly, Kiran said that I had over plucked and my eyebrows, which were sparse to begin with, were too short and thin. She decided to just clean up the edges and fill them in thicker, darker and longer. To start, she stenciled the shape that my eyebrows should be in white pencil. I was shocked - my eyebrows were nowhere near filling out that shape!

Really, they're supposed to be what now??

With a long length of cotton thread, Kiran got to work on cleaning up my unruly brows. Since I pluck regularly, I figured my eye area nerves would be pretty dead and for the most part, the process was quick and painless. Unlike plucking which feels exactly like how you think it would feel, threading feels more like a hot sand-papery feeling on your skin. Within minutes, Kiran had finished and after applying eyebrow shadow and gel, she was ready to reveal her work.

For  reference, here is the "before" shot
Thank you to Sheila for all the photos!

Obviously I was SUPER pleased with the results! My eyebrows were graceful, defined and boy did they ever stand out on my face! For the first time, I truly realized what people meant when they said that eyebrows provide a frame for your face. I am in love with my new brows and cannot wait to get it done again. Even now, 2.5 weeks later, my eyebrows still look very neat and defined.

The total price for an eyebrow tint and threading was $21 + $19 = $40 for about half an hour of service. Besides eyebrows, Blink also does lash tinting, facial hair removal and body waxing. You can visit their website for the full service list and prices.

Thank you to Kiran and the staff at Blink Brow Bar and Caroline at Dela Cruz PR for the opportunity to visit and receive this treatment!

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